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Kajagoogoo on Kajagoogoo No 1. Magazine Feature 1983: Steve Askew

June 9, 2011

Kajagoogoo on Kajagoogoo No 1. Magazine Feature 1983: Steve Askew

Another magazine prominent in the 1980’s was ‘No1’ magazine. Launched as a competitor to rival ‘Smash Hits’, ‘Number One’ was published between 1983 and 1992.


The below scan and text transcript were taken from an article published in August 1983 and features Steve Askew.


Steve Askew is Kajagoogoo’s guitarist. Although lively and extrovert on stage, Steve is a quiet, private person away from the bright lights. Here he talks about his lifestyle, and the effects of success in a business he hates.


 I come from a very ordinary background. I was a very ordinary kid, though I was a bit of a troublemaker, and I had my own nicking club when I was about 12 and I used to steal things.

My biggest ambition is to lead as ordinary a life as possible. It might sound like nothing, but in this business, it’s hard to achieve, and I despise that sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll mentality. I’m a lounger and a scatterbrain. I’ll eat breakfast at three in the afternoon and stay up reading until five in the morning. I’ve got no kind of routine at all and I won’t sit on a chair if I can lie on the floor.

Though I’ve played guitar since I was very young, I never really thought anything like this would happen. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to check it’s true. Here I am, just indulging in my favourite hobby (guitar playing) and I’m getting paid for it! What a stroke of luck! Before I was in the band, I was sign writer for seven years and I loved it. I still miss it sometimes, and I’m always saying I’ll take up painting again when I get the time.

I’m a very placid person, which is my best and worst point at the same time. Everyone finds me easy to get on with, but I’ll do anything for a quiet life. If I’m having a row, I’ll just drop it and let the other person win. I’m so easy going, it probably drives everyone mad. I share a house with Nick and Jez, so obviously we tend to get on each others’ nerves at times, though we really are the best of mates. I’ll be moving out, hopefully when we come back from America, and though I’m not unsociable, I’m looking forward to a bit of time on my own. The pressure of our success doesn’t leave me much time for romance, which is a shame because I’m a real softie when it comes down to it.

I still trust people too much and I’ve been stitched up more than once. But I’d hate to lose faith in human nature. I don’t have a temper at all, and I’d never raise my voice to my friends. I find I get riled by little things, like Nick or Jez leaving their dirty dishes lying around the house. Otherwise, nothing really bothers me.

We met Rod Stewart on tour the other week, and I was appalled. He and his band came in with their drink and their women and I don’t know what else. I’d rather give up the music business before I got like that.

Apart from Limahl, I’ve known the other guys quite a long time because we played in Art Nouveau together. We used to joke about being stars and now it’s really happened. I don’t have any ambitions except to keep on going and getting better. Oh – except I would like to see Return of the Jedi and I’ve always wanted to jump in a vat of baked beans!

Kajagoogoo on Steve:


“He’s so sweet and so gentle, which is funny because he looks like such a hard bitten rock ‘n’ roller. He’s far too pale – a bit of sun would do him the world of good”

“A really, really lovely guy. He speaks his mind, but he isn’t a backbiter. He’s honourable and trustworthy and he will go out of his way to get on with people. He has got awfully pongy feet though”

“I’ve known Steve such a long time; it’s hard for me to look at him objectively. I share a room with him, so obviously he annoys me at times. He’s stubborn too. He’ll stop an argument because he doesn’t like rowing, but he won’t concede that he’s wrong”

“Steve’s an all round nice bloke. Very calm, very easy going. I think he must be an exception to the rule, because being in the music business has actually improved him. He seems to have developed a new kind of maturity”

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  1. Denny permalink
    June 9, 2011 2:18 pm

    I have this too. It was part of a 5 week feature where they interviewed each member and each interview came with a full page pin up. The other members of the band were given a chance to comment on their fellow band members……………not a good idea when you see them on the printed page. I hope the band are able to just laugh it off now. 🙂


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