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One of the things that we pride ourselves on here at KajaFax is our attention to detail.  One important part of the history of Kajagoogoo are the dedicated publications that bear their name.  This page is dedicated to these publications, and contains in e-book format all of the KajaFax magazines, tour programmes, and other once in print ‘Goo related books.

These pages contain ‘e-book’ files and are viewable and scrollable in full page format. Click on the cover images to open a full page e-book version in a new window.

KajaFax Magazine


Issue 1 KajaFax Magazine

KajaFax Magaxine – Issue 1


KajaFax Magazine Issue 2 Cover

KajaFax Magazine – Issue 2


Issue 3 KajaFax Magazine Cover

KajaFax Magazine – Issue 3


KajaFax Magazine Issue 4 Cover

KajaFax Magazine – Issue 4


KajaFax Magazine Issue 5 Cover

KajaFax Magazine – Issue 5


The White Feathers Tour Book, 1983


Islands Tour Programme Front Cover

Islands Tour Programme, 1984


Thanks Japan Tourbook 1984

Thanks Japan Tourbook 1984


Rock Pix Book Islands Tour 1984

Rock Pix Book Islands Tour 1984



2016 KajaFax


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