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Industrial Salt

December 7, 2010

Back in 2004/2005, a band called ‘Industrial Salt’ were to prove to be a big hit in Japan.

They were backed by our very own ‘Steve Askew’ and ‘Nick Beggs’


The band consisted of Hayley Bonnick on guitar and backing vocals, Alex Stamp on vocals and electric piano.

The band initially began when Hayley had been having guitar lessons with Steve, they recorded a song for Hayley’s GCSE project.  Steve played the track to Nick and a band was born!!

The band produced one album ‘A Pocket Full of Magnetic Letters’ (the name was a suggestion from Ann Beggs) and this was released via Sony Music in Japan.  Their first single ‘Sugar Bomb Baby’ was written by Steve Askew and Nick Beggs.

Sugar Bomb Baby (video features Steve and Nick)
Courtesy of seelenfluesterin

Industrial Salt do an awesome version of Rocket Boy which you can hear on their Myspace page:

Unfortunately, Hayley left the band in November 2007 and no more gigs were played.

Take a look at the official Industrial Salt website:

The Goo boys scored a chart hit with Industrial Salt over in Japan with the track ‘Loop & Loop (Under the Thunder) and they toured over threre three times.

Loop & Loop (Under the Thunder)
Courtesy of lene091

I’m sure you’ll agree, Industrial Salt were a fantastic band.

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  1. Steve Yeo permalink
    December 7, 2010 7:30 pm

    I have to admit to never listening to them…………although I did listen to their version of ‘Rocket Boy’ a while ago.

    Kajagoogoo did it better – I prefer Nick’s vocal.

    • December 8, 2010 12:53 pm

      Fair play there Steve, I always did like Industrial Salt and thought they had a fair shot over here.

      They’re an essential part of the overall history with the Askew and Beggs element 🙂

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