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Gone to the Moon Full Album

November 22, 2010

You guys must never say I don’t give you anything, really!

Here, I present the entire Gone to the Moon album, as featured on my GooTube channel.

If all you’ve ever known of the band so far is the 80s stuff, please listen to this complete 2008 album and prepare to be very happy.

Track 1: Gone to the Moon:

Track 2: Smile

Track 3: Tracy

Track 4: Moon in Motion

Track 5: First Girl on Mars

Track 6: Tears

Track 7: The Last Day

Track 8: Excerpts From the Falling Man

Track 9: Table For One

Track 10: Nightingales

Track 11: Spring’s Eternal Dance

Track 12: Rocket Boy

If you enjoyed the album, please leave a comment below 🙂

If you enjoyed this album and would like to support the band in purchasing it, please follow these links:

A hard copy CD is available here:

A download is available here:

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