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Kajagoogoo on Kajagoogoo No 1. Magazine Feature 1983: Nick Beggs

July 12, 2011

Kajagoogoo on Kajagoogoo No 1. Magazine Feature 1983: Nick Beggs

 The below scan and transcript was taken from an article first published in August 1983.

“Nick Beggs is the bass player with Kajagoogoo, and co-writer of the band’s material with Limahl.  His unusual looks and devout Christian faith have made him a particularly easy target for cynics in the press.  Here, he talks about the two most important things in his life – his faith and his music.”

“One of my greatest regrets is that my Mother didn’t live to see me become a success with Kajagoogoo.  She would have been so happy and proud.  My parents split up when I was ten, and I had been made aware of the tensions between them for a long time before.  Dad went off to live in Saudi Arabia, leaving my sister and I with Mum. She had a very hard time bringing us up alone. We had no money.  My mother never even had the basic comforts in life – she sacrificed everything to keep the family together, and her only reward was her joy in her children.  A mother’s love is the purest and most unselfish love there is.  I loved her very much in return, and felt very responsible for her.  I remember my Dad had given me my first drum kit, and I loved it, but I sold it so I could give mum the money, and I didn’t begrudge it at all. When I was 17 she died.  Suddenly I had a house to look after, and a little sister of 15 who I was responsible for.  I felt a terrible kind of desperation, but somehow I coped.  I was helped a lot by my girlfriend who was very good to me. I had a relationship with her for 4 ½ years and I’ve only just finished with her.  We broke up for some strange and supernatural reasons which I can’t really explain, plus all the usual strains of being apart so much.  But I still love her, and I’ll always pray for her. I found God about two years after Mum died.  I had felt for a very long time that my life was very empty, and faith was always what was missing.  Before then, I wasn’t a very nice person at all.  I drank and took drugs.  I had lots of girlfriends, who I just used. They are all the things that I am very ashamed of now.  You should never abuse yourself or anyone else, and I believe now that fidelity is absolutely necessary in any relationship. I’ve always been involved in music in some way, even when I was just bashing about on my drum kit at home.  I was in a band at school called The Vomit – we were the first acoustic punk band!  The whole thing was a joke really, but it didn’t stop us from taking ourselves seriously at the time!  I progressed to a band called Art Nouveau with the other guys in Kajagoogoo except Limahl.  We found him in the classified section of Melody Maker. Being in Kajagoogoo hasn’t changed me and I never want it to.  It’s given me so much, and all it’s taken away is time.  Sometimes, I miss doing things like the artwork for the record sleeves, because I almost feel it’s my right.  But we have to concentrate completely on the music now. I still think of myself as an artist.  Sometimes we have meetings over contracts or with accountants, and it’s a waste of time my being there.  I have no grasp of business at all – all I care about is the music. I love the music, but I hate the music business.  It’s corrupt.  Just because I’m a Christian it doesn’t mean I’m a saint, and I’m still prone to temptations and still do wrong things. I just try to do what God would want in all things and not to let Nick Beggs dictate all the time.”


Kajagoogoo on Nick

Limahl “Nick’s a lovely guy – he’s very sweet and very sincere.  He’s also got a really nutty sense of humour, and that helps all of us.  I think he’s too vulnerable and cares too much.  When we were in Brussels, he saw a prostitute in a window and it depressed him all day.  I think for his own good he should learn to be tougher”

Steve “Nick is one of the kindest people I know and genuinely moral.  He’s also a terrible one for presuming things.  When we played Ireland, Nick presumed we were playing Cork for some reason, and told everyone that.  Actually, we were playing Dublin and Belfast, but Nick doesn’t let facts bother him!”

Jez “Nick is a firm Christian which is strength not only for him but for all of us, as it somehow draws us together.  He may be too kind for his own good, and I think some people would take advantage of that.  He can be vague and dizzy, but somehow he’s got enough charm to get away with it”

Stuart “I love Nick’s sense of humour – he really is a maniac at times, and he’ll do anything for a laugh.  He’s very placid and easy-going.  I’ve only seen him lose his temper once, and that was quite frightening.  Like most even tempered people, when he does go mad, he goes barmy”

2011 KajaFax

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  1. seba permalink
    July 12, 2011 2:44 pm

    Best article about Nick and other people associated with this syndrome are missing just about Jez, Stuart and Limahl

  2. Denny permalink
    July 12, 2011 9:38 pm

    The comment from Limahl has me in stiches every time. I have often wondered if this set of interviews also contributed to the split. LOL

  3. Valentina permalink
    July 19, 2011 9:57 am

    Nick Beggs is an ANGEL!

  4. ADCV permalink
    March 1, 2013 5:48 pm

    Very interesting article, I never thought that Nick had fallen into drugs and alcohol, but fortunately changed for the better…. I love this guy ….


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