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Limahl January: The Never Ending Story

January 2, 2012

Limahl JanuaryThe Never Ending Story

As all Kajagoogoo fans are aware, Limahl has a new solo single release that will be available from all digital stores on January 10th, and we at KajaFax are rather excited about it!  ‘Limahl January’ is exactly that…a whole month of KajaFax articles dedicated to Limahl and his career past, present, and future…

No website about Kajagoogoo would be complete without an article on the song ‘NeverEnding Story’.  Although recorded by Limahl as a solo artist, the track is a firm favourite with Kajagoogoo fans, and was one of the highlights of the band’s recent live set-list.


So what is the history of the song?  Well, I guess to answer that question we first need to make reference to the story itself!  The NeverEnding Story is a German fantasy novel, published in the 1970’s under its original title of ‘Die unendliche Geschichte’.  The story is the tale of a boy, bullied by his peers and neglected by his father, who steals a mysterious book from an antique bookstore, inadvertently becoming a part of the story held within it as he sits and reads it.  Before long, the boy finds himself transported to the parallel world of Fantasia, a world being destroyed by a force known only as ‘the Nothing’, and is himself drawn into the battle to stop it’s destruction.



The book was written by Michael Ende and first published in 1979.

So, how did Limahl become involved in the production of the Movie?  Well, in 1984, EMI Records asked Limahl to travel to Japan to perform at the Tokyo Music Festival.   The event was held at the historic Budokan Arena and had an audience of 10,000 – with a further 44 million watching on television!  Great exposure indeed.  It was here that Limahl had the all important chance meeting with Italian super-producer Giorgio Moroder, who just happened to be working on the soundrack to a new movie entitled The NeverEnding Story’…


Following some heavy behind-the-scenes discussion between management on both sides the deal was done, and within six weeks Limahl was on his way to Munich to record the vocal for the track that was to prove both a huge global hit and an iconic Eighties classic.



The song reached the number one slot in over 17 countries and still gets serious rotation on radio stations worldwide.

In retrospect, the track was destined for success – Moroder truly had (and has) legendary status and back in 1984 was hot property with his soon-to-be successes with music from the films Flashdance and Electric Dreams (with the Human League’s Phil Oakey), not to mention prior works with the Midnight Express soundtrack and of course with fellow legend Donna Summer.

EMI didn’t share the initial enthusiasm and were luke warm about the project. Limahl continues the tale:

“I remember vividly EMI Records were quite reluctant to sign the song and Billy (my manager) called the managing director (at EMI), Peter Jameson, and it got quite heated…… I was in the same room and nervous about the whole thing but ultimately impressed by Billy’s sheer audacity. God I thought, he’s swearing at the managing director! Billy was fighting for his artist’s career and I felt grateful he was on my side……”

Whatever part was played by luck and how much was down to managerial persistence, one thing is for sure – Giorgio Moroder knew a good thing when he heard it!  Twenty seven years later and the track has cemented a firm place in the history books as an 80’s great.

Such was the impression made by Limahl on Moroder that the pair were soon to work together again, for the 1986 album ‘Colour All My Days’.


So, after all that, it’s only right that we end with the song itself, courtesy of EMI Music:

So….do you want to hear the awesome new release?  Limahl’s brand new single, ‘1983’, will be in store on January 10th.  Please remember to buy your copy and make it a huge success!


1983is released by DIG Music and will be available from January 10th.


2012 KajaFax

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  1. swishwish permalink
    January 2, 2012 6:54 am

    I’m looking forward to Limahl’s new single. 7 more days to wait!


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