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KajaFax Treasure Hunt Competition Winners and Solution

January 1, 2012

KajaFax Treasure Hunt Competition Winners

As you’ll remember, we ran a competition right through December to win some fabulous prizes from ourselves and the guys from KajaGooGoo.

Our challenge was a difficult one and we defeated most of you along the way it must be said!  We were delighted to get many entries for this one and we’d like to thank you all, if you had a go at one question right through to submitting the final answer.

In this post, we shall let you know who has been randomly chosen for the prizes and also, what the answers were to those 24 questions.  How many did you get right?!

Winning Prize Pack A is Jie Xu, congratulations!   Jie wins the mug, the signed laserdisc, the 1983 tour programme and the DDH double pack of EP’s.

Winning Prize Pack B is Dave Kilburn, congratulations! Dave wins the t-shirt, Best of KajaGooGoo CD/DVD, Lions Mouth 7″ Picture Disc and DDH double pack of EP’s.

Winning Prize Pack C is Mandy Turner, congratulations!  Mandy wins the bonus prize of DDH double pack of EP’s.

And now for the solution, huge well done if you got this far!!

What is the title of the first solo single recorded by Chris Hamill?
It’s Christmas

In 2004, Nick Beggs played bass for a certain Indian born UK global superstar during the recording of their staggering 75th album release!  Which artist was it?
Engelbert Humperdinck

Title of a 1979 Limahl demo song, composed by Tim Bentinck.
Who Shall I Be Today

Name the manufacturer of Stuart Croxford-Neale’s synthesiser, as used in the White Feathers era….
Roland (Jupiter 8)

Which UK event did Kajagoogoo headline in August 2009?
Hobble on the Cobbles

Please name Kajagoogoo’s ‘in house’ studio facility, situated in Leighton Buzzard, England ….
REDdot Studios

‘Steve’ said that they came from a small town….
(Smalltown) Elephants

Before joining Kajagoogoo, Limahl had a dandy time with Stuart and this song…  The question is this – which song?
Stand and Deliver

What is the name of Jez Strode’s equipment hire company?
Atlantic Hire Services

Name the first track recorded by Art Nouveau at Blackwing Studio s back in 1979….
Life’s a Go Go

Name the B-side to the 12” version of the Kajagoogoo hit single ‘Ooh to be Ah’
Interview Rooms

Kajagoogoo were almost named after an Agatha Christie novel.  Which one?
The Mirror Cracked

What’s the name of the Norwich venue that saw Kajagoogoo take to the stage back in May 1983?

Kajagoogoo were living this back in 2009?
High Life

Nick Beggs had his life in mono working on an album for this pop star in 2006.
Emma Bunton

Location for the 2010 festival which saw the last live gig that KajaGooGoo played in the UK .

What’s the model number of the Roland drum kit played by Jez Strode?

This chap co-produced ‘Too Shy’ with Nick Rhodes, what’s his surname?

A different version of the Islands album was released in the US , known as what?
Extra Play

A satellite channel got the band back together in 2003, who are they?

This KajaGooGoo automotive album track certainly wasn’t slow!
This Car is Fast

Kenny Everett appeared in the video for this Kajagoogoo single.
Ooh to be Ah

First Girl on Mars was initially going to be called what?
Earth Girl on Mars

This machine was only ever pressed 1000 times
Fear Machine

We then asked you to take the first letter of each of your answers and re-arrange them to come up with an answer relation to the band.  We also gave the clue away that the letters would map out in the format of (3,5,8,4,4).


A little bit of twiddling and the final answer becomes:


We will be in contact this evening with the winners to ask for your postage details, once again a massive well done for solving this one!

2012 KajaFax

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  1. January 1, 2012 8:56 pm

    well done to all concerned! 🙂

  2. Madison permalink
    January 1, 2012 8:57 pm

    Wow! fantastic, well done to all the winners. 🙂

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