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Bravo – Kajagoogoo Star Album

October 20, 2012

In the 1980’s,  Kajagoogoo were frequently the coverstars of newspapers and popular magazines and featured in publications from all over the world (as well as here in the UK of course).  We at KajaFax have a great interest in each and every magazine they featured in.  Collecting them all would be impossible of course 🙂

Today’s feature is taken from premier German teen magazine ‘Bravo’.

First published in 1983, this edition has been scanned, uploaded, and presented for you to enjoy in 2012.  We have also attempted to translate the German text into English for our non-German speaking readers.  None of the KajaFax team speak very good German….we have done our best!

Nick the White Rastafarian

Previously only seen on black reggae musicians, Kajagoogoo bassist Nick Beggs (21) has an unforgettable feature. On top of his head, he wears a white blonde curly mane containing 60 neatly strung ivory and metal beads which dangle from ear height. Every four weeks they must be re-done, so Nick’s girlfriend, Sue, renews them in an hour-long procedure. The 6ft 3” great bassist and staunch vegetarian spent 14 months as a bin man in Leighton Buzzard to help finance Kajagoogoo. Nick is not only a gifted songwriter, but also talented painter

Limahl – Your Favorite

The girls go totally wild over his black and white mane and his green-brown eyes. It’s no wonder that BRAVO readers have chosen the 5ft 5in singer to be their most popular Kajagoogoo member. Limahl – real name Christopher Hamill – not only looks great, but has lots more to offer. The 24-year-old was the one who brought the momentum to Kajagoogoo. The trained hairdresser is a big part of the group, not only on stage, but also in the writing of Kajagoogoo’s songs.  In October 1981, he joined the group from an advertisement placed in a British music paper.

Jez, the Drum Giant

The trademark of drummer Jez strode (25) is the short red hair with the blond dyed fringes and ponytail. In the long streak of hair at the back, bassist Nick Beggs weaves Rasta beads every few weeks. The largest at 6ft 4in, Jez has worked as a mechanic, a truck driver, and the manager of a supermarket before his musical career with Kajagoogoo. Because his father Dave complained about the noise at home, Jez began his drumming career in the garages and warehouses of Leighton Buzzard.

Today, he shares a small house with Nick and Steve on a London estate.

Stuart, the Shy One

Keyboardist Stuart Neale is quite literally, like the Kajagoogoo hit, ‘Too Shy’. The 22 year old dark haired guy stays well in the background, leaving on-stage favorites Nick and Limahl to willingly take the limelight. He now lives with girlfriend Catherine who also comes from Leighton Buzzard in a small two-bedroom apartment in Kilburn, a London suburb.

Stuart, full name Stuart Croxford Neale, likes to spend his free time in the company of other people. Sport inspires him, but he prefers slower games such as Golf and Cricket that require more concentration.

Kajagoogoo Live

Not at all shy, the five guys with the hit ‘Too Shy’ are also a hit on stage.

Incidentally before the end of 1981 when Limahl joined Kajagoogoo, Nick ‘Rastaman’ Beggs was bassist and singer of the band.

Steve, the GuitarWonder

The red-haired guitarist Steve Askew (25) is one of the creative minds of Kajagoogoo.  He wrote the lyrics for Kajagoogoo’s second single, ‘Ooh to be Ah’ together with Limahl.  The former sign-writer bought his first guitar as a 14-year-old boy for £1.  He taught himself to play and developed a special technique. “Sometimes I get real keyboard sounds from my guitar” he says. He shares his London house with Nick and Jez. He is often visited there by his girlfriend Anna, also from hometown Leighton Buzzard.

We hope you enjoyed reliving 1983 and the beginnings of Kajagoogoo’s success.  Keep checking the site for the very best in retro articles as well as the latest news and information on current releases and live dates!


3 Comments leave one →
  1. celine permalink
    October 22, 2012 9:59 am

    Thank you so much for those good memories.

    It’s so good to remember Kaja at the old good days…

    I enjoy !

  2. Cris permalink
    October 23, 2012 8:14 am

    Bravo was an inexhaustible source of original pictures and information in those days… How I envied the German fans! Great memories.
    Oh, and I have always LOVED Nick’ s red sweater with the yellow ideogram and his multiuse belt!!! Incredible gear, Steve do you know where one could find that sweater today???

    • October 23, 2012 8:32 am

      Not much chance of finding one of those nowadays Cris 🙂 I think you may have to get the knitting needles out for that one!!! 😉

      You are right about BRAVO magazine though – brilliant features and great for retrospective articles like this one. Curiously, the magazine featured in this article is only about 7″ tall. The scans make it look full size, but really it’s tiny.

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