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Scarce ‘White Feathers Tour 1983’ Tee – Official Vintage Merchandise

July 11, 2013

Today we return with a KajaFax favourite – a good old fashioned merchandise post.  Items originally sold as official merchandise back in 1983 are becoming increasingly scarce, and those that remain are both coveted by fans and cherished by collectors.  KajaFax has delved into its own collection to showcase this great item from that inaugural tour.


By the spring of 1983, Kajagoogoo had notched up two top 10 hit singles, were about to release what was to be their third top 20 hit, and had a top 5 album to boast about.  Things were going swimmingly well as the band hit the road for the White Feathers Tour which in itself would be a sell out, in the process producing the live video album of the same name.

The band, like all others, didn’t miss out on the opportunity to sell some ‘goo merchandise and for those lucky enough to attend one of the shows there was a fine collection to choose from.

Take a look at this scan of the original order form that shows the range of what was available at that time….


We would assume that, with the exception of tour programmes and a few scarves and badges, many of these items are no longer in existence.  Here is one such thing that has survived the years….

Today we bring you what we consider to be quite a rare item… original tour tee shirt.



Do you have a shirt similar to this?  Do you have any merchandise from the tour of ’83?

If so, we would love to see it!

We love original merchandise and we really love this shirt. Team KajaFax are incredibly fortunate to have it in it’s collection!

To round off today and in keeping with today’s entry, here are the band on stage, 1983 style.  Enjoy!

2013 KajaFax

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  1. Mark Deacon permalink
    February 28, 2017 10:40 pm

    I’m an out and out Kajagoogoo Fan.
    Went to see them years ago at Margate Winter Gardens, South East Kent, on their very first ever live Concert. Limahl lent forward, smiled at me then we shook hands, I was So proud plus I was the first person of their entire career to shake Limahl’s hand, something I’ll never forget and always be proud of.
    I dearly wish you’d all make another Album and Tour the UK again.
    Best of luck anyway,
    Mark Deacon 👍

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