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KajaFax interviews Kim Wilde

February 9, 2012

KajaFax Interviews Kim Wilde February 2012

In February 2012, KajaFax caught up with pop royalty, the gorgeous musical legend that is Kim Wilde, we bring that interview to you today.


Many thanks for interviewing with us today Kim, it’s a real honour to have you here at KajaFax.

Well, we’ve done the twitter thing…time to move this relationship on to another level! ; )

We’ve been fans of your work for many years but it’s your musical relationship with Nick Beggs that brought you back firmly onto our radar, can you tell us how that firstly came about?

Nick has been in my band proper for about 5 years now; before that we played together on some of the Here & Now shows between 2002 and 2006. Nick joined my band for the first German tour we did in early 2007 to promote Never Say Never – my first studio album for 11 years after I took time out to marry and have a family. Before all of this he had worked in the studio with Rick on a number of occasions, back in the 90’s…


We think he’s absolutely perfect for your band, the Wilde Bunch always seem to be having such a blast on stage.  Putting Nick together with Ricky must be quite a handful for you?!

Yes, they’re both a bit mad, bad and dangerous to know!  Nick of course is a total gentleman, but that doesn’t stop him stripping off at various sound checks, climbing into mini-bars and playing hide and seek on the tour bus! It is inadvisable to get in a lift with Ricky, or offer to briefly hold his guitar case while he looks for his passport.  Ricky will always be the last one to bed, while Beggion usually slopes before any of us, although no-one actually sees him disappear…spooky.


Nick is a real character but one of the finest bass players in the world I’m sure you’d agree?

There’s no one like him. Nick is very versatile, and totally committed to his instrument (no sniggering please!) At gigs he can usually be found sat down, cross-legged practising in a quiet corner with his head phones on. Over the years I have recorded in various different styles from the rock inspired Chequered Love and Kids In America, to more dance inspired styles such as You Keep Me Hanging On or The Second Time. Nick can easily adapt to any style from pure pop, to the most complicated Prog Rock he loves so much with the likes of Steve Hackett and Steve Wilson. Without doubt, Nick Beggs is one of the finest bass players in the world, and I am very proud to have him play in my band.


Your drummer Jonathan Atkinson played on the 2008 Kajagoogoo album, ‘Gone to the Moon’, was Jonathan initially a recommendation from Nick to you or from you to Nick?

Neither. Jonathan was also an early member of the Here & Now band and he was also a full time member of the Kim Wilde Band from that first German Tour. When you then get two musicians as good as Nick and Jonny on stage together, other work between them is a natural progression.

Do you see yourself an as eighties artiste or an artiste who just so happened to begin having success in the eighties?  Do you think the eighties tag is a negative thing to have when it comes to releasing new material?

I feel in the last 10 years I have developed as a live artist together with Nick and the rest of my amazing band. We tour at least once a year, the rest of the time we play festivals and various 80’s revival events. The ‘80’s tag’ has become cooler as the years have passed I’m very happy to say, but of course that depends on how you present yourself. I have released 3 albums in the past decade with a fair amount of success, especially in Germany, I’m more than happy with the results.


You released ‘Come out and Play’ in 2010 to a fantastic reception.  Personally, I was stunned by this album and right from the first moments of ‘King of the World’, it just grabs you and doesn’t let go for the entirety.  You must have been absolutely delighted with this album?

I love this album, and the reviews confirmed to me that it was indeed one of  the best albums I have ever made. I spent a lot of time song-writing, collaborating with some fantastic writers, and collecting a really strong selection of anthemic pop tunes! Come out and Play was a true labour of love, and I’m really glad you liked it so much : )


There are tracks on that album that I strongly believe could have been massive in the UK.  As you hold the incredible crown of being the Biggest Selling British Female Artist of the 80s, why do you think you now have more success and support in Germany than here in the UK?

I was handed a big hit from Germany’s own Nena, who asked me to sing on an old song of hers, called Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime. It became a huge hit all over again in 2003 with both of us singing the song together, and began a renewed interest  for me in Germany. I haven’t looked back since.

I’d like to talk about Snapshots now, an album of cover versions which you released in 2011.  An inspired list of tracks, was this a very natural selection for you or did you spend a long time finely tuning from a long list down to the final cut?

The album was inspired from last years tour in Germany where I added some cover versions to old hits and new album tracks from COAP. My record company came along to a few concerts and liked what they heard, and asked me if I was interested in a covers project after the tour. We were given just a few months to come up with song ideas and record all the songs, this helped to focus my mind. I asked all my band, my family and friends, fans and Twitter for suggestions, while writing lists and lists of favourite songs. I wanted to try and choose songs from each decade that I have been a ‘Pop’ fan, so it starts in 1964 with Cilla Black’s  Anyone Who Had a Heart, and finishes with a Sugababes track from 2007.


It’s very difficult to pick a favourite from the album but for me, it is ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’.  It’s such a beautiful song but I have to admit I was never 100% sold on the voice of Cilla Black.  Your version has really given this song back to me so many thanks for that.  Do you have a personal favourite from the album?

I love the Cure’s ‘Inbetween Days’, it reminds me of  old Altered Images records, ‘Remember Me’ by Diana Ross and the Supremes is also a favourite. So glad you love my version of AWHAH – that song was the first ‘Pop’ record I remember loving as a 4 year old .

Last year was very busy for you with live shows, the album and of course ‘Quofest’, how was that experience for you?

I loved every minute. The Quo are a fantastic live band, still rockin’ hard with some classic songs. The crowd were warm and receptive, and Roy Wood is simply a LEGEND! I had a great time going on stage with them all every night for the finale singing Rock’n’Roll Xmas songs dressed as Mother Xmas (with killer heels!)


We know you have more Germany shows coming up in March, can we hope to see you playing any shows in the UK this year?

Never Say Never…..

What about a UK show or tour with KajaGooGoo, is that something that you’d ever consider?

I have been on the same bill as KajaGooGoo a few times over the years and am very fond of them all. I’d love to as long as they didn’t mind sharing Nick!


What’s lined up for Kim Wilde in 2012, another album or tour perhaps?

I have the Snapshots and Greatest Hits tour starting in March in Switzerland and Germany; hopefully later in the year in Scandinavia, Holland and France. At the moment my commitments are still being confirmed and I’m really hoping for some UK dates too.

Kim, it’s been a real pleasure talking with you and we wish you continued success and happiness. Lots of love from everyone here at KajaFax.

My pleasure. So proud to have Nick in my band, we all love him to pieces.


 2012 KajaFax

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