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Limahl in the Wigan Evening Post

February 10, 2012
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As some of you may have seen, Limahl was featured in Thursday’s edition of the ‘Wigan Evening Post’.

KajaFax made a special 100 mile round trip to Limahl’s home town of Pemberton to obtain a copy of the newspaper, a scan of which we bring you now:

*to open a bigger version of this image, left click your mouse on the above*

Should you find the article hard to read, we include a transcript below:

Wigan singer Limahl has gone back in time to release a new single. The Kajagoogoo star has spent the last year working with Norwegian writer Tommy Olsen.  Together, they have produced a song called 1983 – the year the band’s hit “Too Shy” hit the top of the charts.  Limahl came across Tommy through DJ Pat Sharp, a mutual friend, who told him that Tommy wanted to work with him.

“I just told him to send me across a few bars and we could go from there,” said the Pemberton singer.

“I had a lot of success in Norway – both Too Shy and Never Ending Story got to number one over there.

“It kind of made sense that there was a Norwegian element to it I suppose.”

Tommy sent over 32 bars of music, which included a mixture of drums, synthesisers and bass, with a retro vibe to it.  Although Limahl wanted to go back in time, he didn’t want to make it all about the retro theme.

“It was all very organic,” added the 53-year-old. “There was no pressure, no deadlines – the word single wasn’t even mentioned. I think that really helped.

“Once we had a more solid outline of the melody, I sunk my teeth into the lyric-writing, to try to bring the year 1983 back to life. I decided on 1983 because it was the year Too Shy was released. We worked with two Scandinavian guys who have worked with everyone – and I mean everyone.”

Work continued on the single throughout last year, and it has now finally been released.  A new mobile phone app has also been launched to supplement the single.  Limahl added: “Everything has been done involving the web, which is all new to me!

“I use the likes of Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with my fans, and the 1983 app has seen me use YouTube a lot.

“It’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve even got one of the new iPhones, something I originally refused to conform to.

“I received a text when I was driving once, and it blew my mind when I told it to read my message out to me, and it did!”

Limahl lives in London these days, but still has time to pop back up to the town he grew up in when he gets chance.

He said: “I was last up in October.  Wigan holds a special place in my heart.  Everything that happened to me between the ages of one and 16 happened in Wigan – it has a lot of poignant memories for me. I’m proud to be from the town, not least because of the strong musical background it has, and how many different types of music it has helped produce.”

The “Limahl 1983” iPhone app was released following the release of the new single, and is listed as one of 21 “cool new apps” to try out in an article run by The Guardian.

For more information on the ‘1983’ app, click on the below KajaLink:

and to purchase a copy of the ‘1983’ EP:

We hope you enjoyed this article.  Special thanks to Madison for making the above post a reality!

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  1. Kai Lofthus permalink
    February 10, 2012 12:09 am

    Most would know this by now, but the newspaper unfortunately did not credit all Norwegian songwriters; who in addition to Tommy Olsen are Stig Antonsen and Rune Maurtvedt. Denniz Pop and Max Martin were not involved. 🙂 (Maybe in spirit? Who knows…)

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