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KajaFan Babs Supporting Charity

February 23, 2011

KajaFax is always pleased to support any charity efforts from fans of the band and here we have a website to share with you, created by KajaFan ‘Babs Smith’.


The website is

As you can see from the site, the area of focus is Bristol and Somerset so if you are in those areas especially and want to get involved, please do!

Comic Relief is one of the charities supported by this site so this is great thing for a charity that Limahl is working for, with his appearance on ‘Let’s Dance for Comic Relief’ which is coming up on March 5th 2011.

We can do our bit by supporting Comic Relief, supporting this site from Babs and make sure we all vote for Limahl when he appears on that show!

And here is Babs herself:


Babs shares credit for the site with Diane Francis.

Best of luck with the site and the charity work Babs, love of KajaFax love to you!

2011 KajaFax

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