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KajaGooGoo in Swedish Okej Book

February 24, 2011

For today’s post, we have a guest writer from Sweden along to tell a story and share some photos alongside.  Many thanks to Helena Nordberg for this one.  Over to Helena:

“For my birthday last month I got a book that was released in October last year. The book was instantly a success. It got a lot of publicity in the press and is written by some journalists that worked on the largest and most popular Swedish music magazine in the eighties (the one and only I would say). The magazine “Okej” was a huge success in the eighties and played big part in life for teenagers at the time. The magazine was, for it’s time, quite controversial. Having it for my birthday was a real trip of nostalgia for me. The book takes us back to the more important eighties music and surprisingly there is a bit about Kajagoogoo and Limahl. I say surprisingly because Kajagoogoo was never a band that “hit” here.  I sometimes say I must be their only and devoted fan up here 🙂 I got in touch with their music from a tape I got from a friend who had been to England on family vacation and bought it there. I instantly liked their music but I didn’t know what they looked like! So not until I got hold of the one and only issue of “Okej” that had them on the cover I knew. It was a bit shocking 😀


I’m not sure if any Kajagoogoo album was released at all in Sweden, at least there was nothing in stock, because I had to beg my parents to have them ordered from UK. Limahl, on the other hand, is more wellknown because of the “Neverending story” and was to be seen in many articles in the magazine, but Kajagoogoo somehow faded away. My “story” with Kajagoogoo never faded though and I’ve always listened to their music from time to time, a bit worried that my old vinyl will be  destroyed. I´m probably the only person who has had Kajagoogoo played on my wedding too 🙂


Strangely enough I never thought of searching on internet til my nephew -who also is, like myself, more than interested in music- one day asked me which band I liked the most when I was his age. After he had gone home that night I though I’d try to google and WOW! I´m so glad he asked me! This was in 2007 and I was lurking around the then very “sleepy” forum until I became a member in 2008. I really glad I got to take part in the reunion and finally see them live in concert!”


Many thanks to Helena for sharing that.  It’s great to see the band as far and wide as possible and it’s brilliant that you discovered the band again and got to see them live in London for 2009 tour 🙂

If you have a story about the band, please get in touch!

2011 KajaFax

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