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KajaFax Interviews Lu Cozma

December 15, 2010

KajaFax caught up with UK singer/songwriter Lu Cozma to chat about the album, her work with Steve Askew, the live shows and the future.


Lu, can you start off by telling us how you first began singing and what inspired you to go on to make your album Red?

I sang from the age of eleven – I didn’t want to do anything else. By the time I got to my mid teens I joined bands of every description, folk, rock, pop. I liked the idea of writing for myself too so started to play at singer/songwriter events performing my own stuff.

Red came at a time when I was receptive to new and fresh sounds and could bring all my vocal experience to the table.


How did you come to meet Steve Askew and collaborate together?

Nick Beggs made the introduction. We got chatting one evening and I told him I was sick of my own company and wanted to collaborate and write fresh new material with a good writer/performer. Nick hooked me up with Steve. I went over to his studio, we threw around some ideas and in a short while we realised something interesting was happening. Hey presto!


Were you aware of Kajagoogoo and a fan of their music at all?

I knew of them when I was a kid and remember watching them on TV and hearing them on the radio. I appreciated the era but wasn’t at the time really hooked into the pop music scene. It’s funny really because in recent years I’ve had much more exposure to 80’s music, especially since meeting Steve. I’ve also been good friends with Martin Rushent (Legendary Human League producer who also produced Red). He heard me singing at a local festival in Berkshire a long time back, and we worked on some studio projects. So the era, musically, finally caught up with me!


Red is a stunning album, you must be delighted with it?

Yes, very much so. The conception, writing and recording of the album wasn’t hurried – we didn’t have a fixed agenda with it. The only thing we were conscious of was to allow the music to form naturally, to allow it breathing space.

On hearing the album first time it often takes people by surprise. It isn’t retro or pop. It sits very comfortably under an alternative ‘banner’ and that suits us fine. 

Steve has a wealth of experience not only as a performer but as a producer and writer too. He has a quirky take on compositions and once the ideas hit the deck then interesting things start to happen. Add that to the type of voice I have and the recipe is rather fresh.

We’re both not forced or contrived in our attitude to music – we just don’t do ‘predictable’! 


Congratulations on the album coming to iTunes, that must be very exciting to see your own music there?

Yeah, it’s good that people have more access to the album. Downloading is common place, so it’s good for those interested in having the album via iTunes.


 You’ve just played a headline show in Italy, how did that go?

Italy is always a joy. To gig there too was doubly so. The venue was unusual and outstanding, the crowd were all for us and the vibe was awesome. We’d go back without a doubt.


How did that show compare to the recent show in Hammersmith, London?

Well, Hammersmith was like dipping our toe back in the water again. I’d been living out of the country for a while and once I got back to the UK Steve and I wanted to do a low key event that we could ease into. Hammersmith hit the spot.

Asti in Italy was a totally different gig. We went out with all guns blazing and rocked the house.


Can we hope to see more concerts from you in 2011?

We’re working on UK & European gigs and festivals for 2011 and currently in discussions with promoters.


We all know your manager Glenn Kelly from his work with Kajagoogoo, how has it been for you to work with Red Dot Music?

Red Dot Music is a professional outfit run by a guy who knows what he’s doing, so I’m chuffed to bits. Glenn is really into the project, loves our music and believes in it as much as we do, so to have him on board is awesome.


We’ve heard some talk of a second album in the making, can you confirm this and if true, tell us when we might expect the album? Are you experimenting with new styles at all?

RED wasn’t hurried so I’m pretty sure the next album won’t either. We are ready to embark on the next phase of RED and have some new tracks and a feel and direction for where the next album will be going. But I guess the album will be ready when it’s ready…


Who are your musical influences and what is currently on the Cozma stereo?

I have always had a wide taste in music and listen to many styles and genres – folk, rock, punk anything really.

Cozma Stereo’s got Two Door Cinema Club and Does It Offend You Yeah? blasting out … but who knows, I might be in the mood for a bit of Perry Como later;)


What message would you like to give to your fans and to anyone that hasn’t yet listened to your music?

Thanks for all your love and support. There will be more great music from us coming. Keep tuned in…


Many thanks to Lu Cozma for the interview.  Check out her website at:

Follow Lu on Twitter: @lucozma

Many thanks to Glenn Kelly @ Red Dot Music.

To buy the incredible ‘Red’ from iTunes, click the album!


2010 KajaFax

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