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Limahl – Inside Your Mind

January 25, 2019

Looking back through the extensive ‘offline’ Kajafax archives, I noticed a track that we’ve not featured here before, until today. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with the gems we have hidden in our collection!

It could be said, it is a largely unknown fact that back in 2011 Limahl was approached to record a track to be used in a console game, namely ‘Boom Boom Dance AKA Rhythm Party’. This game was available on the Xbox Live Arcade platform though the game itself (but not the DLC) was later removed from the Xbox marketplace on 1st February, 2015. History tells us that Limahl accepted the task and ‘Inside Your Mind’ was born.

Viewers with a keen eye may have previously spotted and heard a 32s snippet of the track in the discography slider section over at, so we are delighted to bring the full track to your attention.

As with many games in this type of ‘hit the buttons in the time with the music’ style game, more tracks were added as DLC (downloadable content) as time went along. This is where we find the track from Limahl, when Song Pack 4 was released on 14th March, 2012.

Composition of the track was courtesy of Naoki Maeda, a Japanese composer and arranger from Osaka. Extensively involved in the J-POP scene and then producing music for major gaming houses such as Capcom, Sega and Konami.

The track itself is superb, a real dance anthem which would not sound out of place booming out at exceptionally high volume in clubland. I’m sure you will agree that the track has a truly wonderful vocal from Limahl. Listen to the track here:

Have you heard this track before? Did you know this track existed before? What do you think of the track?

Let us know in the KajaFax comments!

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  1. Cris permalink
    February 18, 2019 10:13 am

    Welcome back Steve, so nice to read you again.
    (by the way I hope you received a letter/envelope from me a while ago)

    I agree, Limahl’ s voice is always melodious, whatever the kind of music he may sing on. This of course is not exactly my cup of tea, but the above remains true.


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