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Lu Cozma at Rhythms of the World 2011

January 21, 2011

The first announced performance of 2011 from Lu Cozma and Steve Askew has been confirmed by their management, Red Dot Music and Management.

The pair will play a 45 minute set at the Rhythms of the World festival on Saturday 9th July 2011, on St. Marys Stage around 3pm.


This is a fantastic event for Lu and Steve to play, the festival attracts over 30,000 people across the two days so it really is a great chance to perform to a large diverse audience.

To read more about the festival and what to expect there, please follow this link which covers the FAQ:

Ticket prices are yet to be confirmed for 2011 but judging by the FAQ page they should be inexpensive for an event of this size.

Please do put this one in your calendar and come along to show support to Lu and Steve, I’m sure they’d love to see some fans who had went along especially to see them play.

In the meantime, keep checking back for further updates, KajaFax will only publish dates that have been confirmed by management.

Hope to see you there, this one sounds like a fantastic weekend!

If you don’t already have it, do download the album from iTunes or buy the CD from Red Dot Music and Management.  Supporting the artists means they can keep doing what they do!

Lu and Steve Live in Italy video:

How to buy on iTunes or buy a signed CD:

KajaFax Interviews Lu Cozma:

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