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Art Nouveau – Fear Machine

November 18, 2010

So before Kajagoogoo became Kajagoogoo, they were already a four piece band without Limahl.  Around the local gig circuit they were known as ‘The Handstands‘ but trying to make it big, they were known as Art Nouveau.

They never managed to get signed, but they did release one single in 1980 on their own label Gimpy Dak. A private pressing of 1000 records, the 7″ single called Fear Machine was issued under catalogue number ‘DAK 1’.  This record is very rare and is mostly now in the hands of collectors or tucked away somewhere, they very rarely come up for sale and when they do, they can command a high price.

It is rare to even see pictures of this record so I wanted to share a few photos of my copy:

Notice the B side of the single is ‘Animal Instincts‘, a track which was later recorded by Kajagoogoo.

Now listen to the track and enjoy:

2010 KajaFax


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