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Steve Askew – Gateway to Ultraworld

December 3, 2020

It’s been a while since KajaFax last reported to you, today we’re excited to say we’ve all been blessed with a new album from Steve Askew, entitled ‘Gateway to Ultraworld’. It’s a solo album, going under his own name and it’s available right now, we’ll share the link to the platforms below. The title is wonderful, who wouldn’t want to travel to ‘Ultraworld’?

Earlier this year we saw the welcome return of ‘Lockdown’ to the streaming sites, an album that Steve recorded back in 2013 with the wonderful Lu Cozma so it was glorious to see this album released today and available for us all to enjoy.

It’s very much an instrumental album, performed by Steve, you won’t be hearing vocals from himself or any guests. This is Steve at his true musician best, allowed to roam free with his own progressive style and creativity and bring us an album which feels like a story when listened from beginning to end. Steve is of course a producer also and we can feel sure when listening that the end result is produced exactly as he expected the music to be during the concept and ideas stages. Before even playing the music, I am impressed by the cover artwork, the sleeve is mysterious and inviting, the lighting works well and it certainly makes you want to carry on and listen to the album.

The opening track sets the scene for the album, I could imagine this being used in a film or as a TV theme, the rising guitar from Steve throughout the track is beautifully played and captures you immediately, the track is named as per the album and it really does feel like a gateway, like you’re being taken somewhere. I had thoughts of ‘Pink Floyd’ in my mind when listening, it was very atmospheric. Steve has uploaded a video for this track today, with visuals by Wilfredo Acosta and Bernie Raffle, you can watch that here:

Listening to the entire album is a must but other stand out tracks for me were ‘Trauma’, ‘Downstream’ which I thought was fantastic and ‘Seasons End’. A keen eye will recognise ‘Snow White Room’ from Lockdown but this is the instrumental version. I’m a big fan of Lu Cozma and I was initially worried this track might just miss her glorious voice too much to stand up in my mind but it’s beautiful as an instrumental. Should I have ever even doubted?

I always feel a good strong album with a well thought out running order should end with a track that really does feel like it’s closing the story and ‘Trains & Miles’ feels like that, it’s the longest track on the album at 6:12.

We’ve all become familiar with Steve as more musician and producer over the years than just ‘out and out’ electric guitar player. As we are KajaFax, we must mention ‘KajaGooGoo’ in this review, I would say that I’ve always felt at heart, Steve is more ‘Islands’ than ‘White Feathers’ and this album would certainly reflect that. Any similarities I would draw would say the acoustic guitar feel on some tracks could be fairly similar to tracks such as ‘The Garden’.

So, the link to the album is here, play it on your chosen platform, if you use something like Apple, consider buying the album rather than streaming as it does support Steve to make more music. Click the button to enter Ultraworld….

2020 KajaFax

The Physical Art Nouveau EP Vinyl

February 6, 2020

Hello KajaFans. You may remember we ran a feature back in November 2019 talking about the new Art Nouveau EP that was coming out to us on vinyl, in three colours. Well, that EP in all vinyl colours has landed through my door and I can now bring photos to you of how it looks. At this point, I have not decided whether to open the packaging so I have no shots of the actual vinyl itself here. I may crumble and bring this on a later post.

Clear Vinyl – Number 67/200

Purple Vinyl – Number 70/200

Marbled Vinyl – Number 59/100

As you can see, each coloured vinyl is numbered which is a nice touch.

Let’s take a look at the rear cover:

I am an extremely picky customer so the mix of upper and lower case V for Vocals is something I would have picked up on before printing, the same for the full stop at only the end of Steve’s line.


Side 1
1. Art Nouveau Intro Music 1980
2. Life’s a Go Go
3. Life Style

Side 2
1. Enemies
2. Bang Went The Army

Mastered by Steven Wilson. Now there is a name we all know.

I had heard a few comments about ‘Fear Machine’ not being on this EP. Quite honestly, for me this is a good thing. This vinyl collection sits very nicely alongside my Fear Machine 7″ single to make a great collection of Art Nouveau vinyl.

To read more about Fear Machine, please see our post from back in January 2012 here.

This EP is released by Tonefloat and marketed by Crazy Diamond, so we extend our thanks to everyone there and of course to Art Nouveau for bringing us all this fantastic new release.

2020 KajaFax

The Art Nouveau EP

November 11, 2019

Hello KajaFans!

It’s been a while since we conversed, or indeed had the need to converse!

If you keep your ear close to Goo ground, you may have heard recently from Nick that an Art Nouveau EP was about to be released on vinyl. A couple of weeks ago we had this confirmed from Stuart, it was indeed going to happen soon.

As you should well know by now, Art Nouveau was the name of the band featuring Nick, Steve. Stuart and Jez before they got together with Limahl and formed KajaGooGoo.

This EP features a selection of tracks from 1980, comprising of live tracks, rehearsals and studio sessions.

The time these tracks were put together was a very exciting time for music so in buying this vinyl, you really are capturing a time that just can’t be recreated, no matter how new artistes do try.

Available currently on pre-order, coming to you in 180 gram vinyl, you have a choice of:

Marbled vinyl (100 limited)

Purple vinyl (200 limited)

Clear vinyl (100 limited)

You can also take the full set of three as one purchase.
€ 44,99

If you would like to pre-order your vinyl, you can do this right away from ToneFloat:

KajaFax have pre-ordered our full set and we will of course run a feature on the vinyl when it arrives.

Official release date is 17/01/2020 but with the limited run, I would not expect these to hang around beyond the pre-order.

As you can see from the values above, this is strictly limited so grab yours today!

Limahl – Inside Your Mind

January 25, 2019

Looking back through the extensive ‘offline’ Kajafax archives, I noticed a track that we’ve not featured here before, until today. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with the gems we have hidden in our collection!

It could be said, it is a largely unknown fact that back in 2011 Limahl was approached to record a track to be used in a console game, namely ‘Boom Boom Dance AKA Rhythm Party’. This game was available on the Xbox Live Arcade platform though the game itself (but not the DLC) was later removed from the Xbox marketplace on 1st February, 2015. History tells us that Limahl accepted the task and ‘Inside Your Mind’ was born.

Viewers with a keen eye may have previously spotted and heard a 32s snippet of the track in the discography slider section over at, so we are delighted to bring the full track to your attention.

As with many games in this type of ‘hit the buttons in the time with the music’ style game, more tracks were added as DLC (downloadable content) as time went along. This is where we find the track from Limahl, when Song Pack 4 was released on 14th March, 2012.

Composition of the track was courtesy of Naoki Maeda, a Japanese composer and arranger from Osaka. Extensively involved in the J-POP scene and then producing music for major gaming houses such as Capcom, Sega and Konami.

The track itself is superb, a real dance anthem which would not sound out of place booming out at exceptionally high volume in clubland. I’m sure you will agree that the track has a truly wonderful vocal from Limahl. Listen to the track here:

Have you heard this track before? Did you know this track existed before? What do you think of the track?

Let us know in the KajaFax comments!

KajaGooGoo: The Stables 2008 Ten Years!

December 11, 2018

Well, it’s been a while since we last posted KajaFans! Almost two years. Time flies.

Looking back at some previous posts, we realised it’s been exactly ten years since KajaGooGoo played The Stables in Milton Keynes and wowed us all with an amazing concert. I’m sure everyone that was there remembers the swing show from Limahl and of course, the opening statement from Paul Gambaccini!!

If you weren’t there that night, you missed an amazing show but do have a look back to my review of the opening night Wednesday 10th December 2008:

It really was a special show, fans travelled from all across Europe and even from USA! Friendships were formed that night that remain to this day.

Not the best quality but here is a snippet of the action from that evening, courtesy of juliuscheeser1963:


Here at KajaFax, we’ve recently celebrated clocking past 750,000 views. Three quarters of a million! Thank you to each and every one of you that continues to read the site and enjoy the treasure chest of KajaGooGoo material here.

As most of you know, we have been busy working with Limahl so we are never far away from the KGG world.

We would like to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays.


Happy Birthday Jez Strode!

January 17, 2017

A big KajaFax shout to Jez Strode today as he celebrates his birthday.


We hope you have a fantastic day Jez, lots of love from KajaFax and all of your fans.

Happy 2017!!!

January 8, 2017

A very happy 2017 to all of our KajaFax readers!

The latter half of 2016 was a quiet time for KajaFax to say the least, as we have not posted since the summer.  The good news is that we are back, and ready for a Kajatastic 2017!!   We begin the year with a fabulous post, containing material sent to us by friend, KajaFan, collector, and all round top guy Denny.

‘Oh Boy’ magazine was a 1970/80’s girls teen mag.  Long since defunct, we now have some scans of a ‘pre-Kajagoogoo’ Limahl in his “angel-faced” glory. For those in the know, ‘Angel‘ was the title of the then Chris Hamill’s current single which was, alas, not destined to be a hit….

Please read, and enjoy!

To Denny – thank you!    These images were sent a good number of weeks ago, and due to circumstances beyond our control, we have only now been able to publish….



See you soon for more great Kajagoogoo news and media – thanks for viewing and making us the #1 Kajagoogoo website on the net!

2017 KajaFax.

Limahl: Totally 80s Australian Tour

July 12, 2016

Hello!!  As you all know, Limahl is currently out on the road as a part of the Totally 80s tour of Australia, and we know that many of you are following him via social media on Facebook and Twitter.


Broadcast yesterday and immediately prior to the inaugural show, Limahl and fellow headliner Martika appeared on Australia’s Seven Network to promote the tour and discuss their careers; past, present and future.  Just in case you missed it, you can view that interview, originally broadcast on the Morning Show, here….

All video footage courtesy of the Seven Network.

Tuesday 12th July
BRISBANE Eatons Hill Hotel

Get Tickets

Thursday 14th July
GOLD COAST Jupiters Casino

Get Tickets

Friday 15th July
MELBOURNE Palais Theatre

Get Tickets

Saturday 16th July
SYDNEY Enmore Theatre

Get Tickets

Sunday 17th July
CANBERRA Royal Theatre

Get Tickets

Tuesday 19th July
PERTH Astor Theatre

Get Tickets

Thursday 21st July
ADELAIDE Thebarton Theatre

Get Tickets

Friday 22nd July
HOBART Wrest Point

Get Tickets

Saturday 23rd July
MELBOURNE The Palms @ Crown

Get Tickets

Sunday 24th July
MELBOURNE The Palms @ Crown

Get Tickets

Wednesday 27th July
REVESBY Revesby Workers
*Berlin & Men Without Hats not appearing

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Thursday 28th July
NEWCASTLE Civic Theatre
*Berlin & Men Without Hats not appearing

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Friday 29th July
PENRITH Penrith Panthers
*Berlin & Men Without Hats not appearing

Get Tickets


Thanks for visiting KajaFax and keeping us #1.

2016 KajaFax

Limahl: Photo-Love Magazine 1981

July 2, 2016

Welcome back to KajaFax and our first update of July!

Today’s article comes to you courtesy of ‘Goo fan and KajaFax regular Steven aka ‘Denny’.

A great collector of all things pop, Denny has very kindly pulled this terrific vintage magazine from his archives, scanning it for us all to share and enjoy.  We are really grateful for all fan contributions – it’s what the KajaFax community thrives on – so thank you!  These scans feature a ‘pre-Limahl’ Chris Hamill as both cover-star and protagonist of the photo-novel story Running Scared….

Without further ado, here’s Photo Love Magazine No.125 – 12th September 1981.

**click on the below thumbnails to open the gallery images in  full size**

2016 KajaFax 

Limahl: Live in Spain

June 18, 2016

Following on from Limahl’s recent sell-out gigs in Japan, our man once again brushes off his passport as he heads out to Spain on June 19th to perform a show at Hard Rock Ibiza.

Tickets start at a mere €20 and can be purchased HERE.

This is sure to be a great night, so why not book that ticket?

KajaFax will return soon with news of site updates, more great merchandising,  and much more….you really don’t want to miss it, so stay tuned!  Thanks for visiting KajaFax!!

2016 KajaFax