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The Physical Art Nouveau EP Vinyl

February 6, 2020

Hello KajaFans. You may remember we ran a feature back in November 2019 talking about the new Art Nouveau EP that was coming out to us on vinyl, in three colours. Well, that EP in all vinyl colours has landed through my door and I can now bring photos to you of how it looks. At this point, I have not decided whether to open the packaging so I have no shots of the actual vinyl itself here. I may crumble and bring this on a later post.

Clear Vinyl – Number 67/200

Purple Vinyl – Number 70/200

Marbled Vinyl – Number 59/100

As you can see, each coloured vinyl is numbered which is a nice touch.

Let’s take a look at the rear cover:

I am an extremely picky customer so the mix of upper and lower case V for Vocals is something I would have picked up on before printing, the same for the full stop at only the end of Steve’s line.


Side 1
1. Art Nouveau Intro Music 1980
2. Life’s a Go Go
3. Life Style

Side 2
1. Enemies
2. Bang Went The Army

Mastered by Steven Wilson. Now there is a name we all know.

I had heard a few comments about ‘Fear Machine’ not being on this EP. Quite honestly, for me this is a good thing. This vinyl collection sits very nicely alongside my Fear Machine 7″ single to make a great collection of Art Nouveau vinyl.

To read more about Fear Machine, please see our post from back in January 2012 here.

This EP is released by Tonefloat and marketed by Crazy Diamond, so we extend our thanks to everyone there and of course to Art Nouveau for bringing us all this fantastic new release.

2020 KajaFax

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