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The Art Nouveau EP

November 11, 2019

Hello KajaFans!

It’s been a while since we conversed, or indeed had the need to converse!

If you keep your ear close to Goo ground, you may have heard recently from Nick that an Art Nouveau EP was about to be released on vinyl. A couple of weeks ago we had this confirmed from Stuart, it was indeed going to happen soon.

As you should well know by now, Art Nouveau was the name of the band featuring Nick, Steve. Stuart and Jez before they got together with Limahl and formed KajaGooGoo.

This EP features a selection of tracks from 1980, comprising of live tracks, rehearsals and studio sessions.

The time these tracks were put together was a very exciting time for music so in buying this vinyl, you really are capturing a time that just can’t be recreated, no matter how new artistes do try.

Available currently on pre-order, coming to you in 180 gram vinyl, you have a choice of:

Marbled vinyl (100 limited)

Purple vinyl (200 limited)

Clear vinyl (100 limited)

You can also take the full set of three as one purchase.
€ 44,99

If you would like to pre-order your vinyl, you can do this right away from ToneFloat:

KajaFax have pre-ordered our full set and we will of course run a feature on the vinyl when it arrives.

Official release date is 17/01/2020 but with the limited run, I would not expect these to hang around beyond the pre-order.

As you can see from the values above, this is strictly limited so grab yours today!

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