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Toshiba – EMI Promotional Calendar

May 21, 2015

Japanese music fans in the 1980’s had it better than those in any other territory. Period.  With their luxurious vinyl editions, superior audio mastering, and quality control standards that were second to none, that is certainly the way it seems looking at things with a retrospective eye.  Today, we revisit some fine vintage memorabilia originating from Japan in the mid 80’s.


Issued by Toshiba-EMI in 1984 (for use in 1985) this highly collectible calendar is a lovely example of the top quality merchandise to come out of Japan during those years.

A ‘who’s who’ of the music scene, the calendar houses some lovely prints of many British pop and rock figures, with David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran all making an appearance.

Our interests of course lie with the inclusion of Limahl and Kajagoogoo in the celebrity line-up.

Kajagoogoo and Limahl page front scan

Each artiste has it’s own dedicated page – printed in lovely glossy colour. On the reverse is printed discography information. Here is the Kajagoogoo and Limahl insert:

Kajagoogoo and Limahl rear sheet

The calendar is a textured card ‘frame’ that houses individual pages for each artiste and also each month.


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All that is left to show you is the item itself. Here’s it is:

Text Front

Close up: front of calendar

Text Rear

Close up: rear of calendar – ‘promo’ stamp

Kajagoogoo Promo Calendar 1985 Front View

Kajagoogoo Promo Calendar 1985 Front

Kajagoogoo Calendar Promo Calendar 1985 Rear View

Kajagoogoo Promo Calendar 1985 Rear View

Thanks for visiting KajaFax!  We will be back soon with more great ‘Goo!

2015 KajaFax.

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