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Ellis Beggs & Howard – Where Did Tomorrow Go White Label 12” and Press Photo

May 12, 2015

Nick Beggs collectibles are always great things to stumble across. Nick has his ‘pop’ persona which as Kajagoogoo fans we are used to, but he also has his progressive rock side which shows us a different and ever fascinating side to this virtuoso musician. Somewhere in-between these two styles, we find Ellis Beggs and Howard. In the past, KajaFax has featured some really great items of EBH memorabilia and even interviewed Austin Howard himself. Austin was a pleasure to speak to – if you missed the interview, click HERE to be redirected.

00 where did

For today’s KajaFax entry, we have an EBH bundle of items. The third single from the group was Where Did Tomorrow Go, and what we have for you now (and from that period) is the white label test pressing of the 12” single, complete with generic stickered sleeve. The disc has been ‘married up’ with an RCA promotional 10×8 promotional photograph from 1988, as taken by Paul Cox. The sleeve shows signs of age and has been written on (as has the label), and the photo is yellowed and a little stained on the rear side but this is after all consistent with its age! Beware of pristine white ‘vintage’ photographs that come up for sale!


Disc and promo 10×8 photo




Stickered front

The song has a fabulous video that KajaFax are fortunate enough to own, converted from a first generation, quality source. No logos, all music……

Thanks for visiting KajaFax!

2015 KajaFax

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