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Limahl: On Stage in Germany Today!

May 25, 2014

Limahl has today been in Mainz, Germany, performing as a part of the ZDF Television show ‘Television Garden’.  Ever astute, KajaFax were at the ready with their satellite TV gear and video recorder, and were able to capture this morning’s performance, broadcast live on the station around lunchtime.

Without further ado, here is Limahl!

Thank you for visiting KajaFax – the best Kajagoogoo site on the web!

2014 KajaFax

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  1. Roger permalink
    May 25, 2014 12:36 pm

    That was fast! Thanks Kajafax 😊

  2. Diana Jennifer permalink
    May 25, 2014 12:53 pm

    Thanks for the news! It’s ever a pleasure to see Limahl!!
    KajaFax is our Number One source for everything about him! Thanks again! 🙂

  3. May 27, 2014 7:13 am

    Wow 🙂 Thanks Steve for news about Limahl

    • May 27, 2014 10:44 pm

      Glad to help! I was quite proud that KajaFax had this one posted within half an hour of the broadcast being made 🙂 Having all of those European stations available on my satellite dish is a useful thing sometimes 😉

  4. Richard permalink
    May 27, 2014 9:55 pm

    Just Wonderful stuff…

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