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Kajagoogoo UK TV Alert – Now That’s What I Call Music: ‘The Story of Now’

May 26, 2013

Today we bring some great news as supplied to us by Kajagoogoo HQ.


Kajagoogoo are set to appear in a television documentary being broadcast on ITV in the UK this coming bank holiday Monday, May 27th.

Entitled The Story of Now!, the show has been made to celebrate 30 years of the Now! series of compilation albums.  As major contributors to the early Now! releases, the band will be featured in tomorrow night’s show.  The programme also includes a newly filmed interview with Limahl about those formative years and the bands involvement in those inaugural albums.

Curiously, the track listings for the earlier Now! albums were in some cases format dependant, but in all its variants the guys have featured seven times.  If you are curious about the Now! series in the UK and how many times the band have featured, how is this for impressive…..


Now! vol. 1: Three times (Only for Love, Big Apple, Too Shy)

Now! vol. 2: Once (The Lion’s Mouth)

Now! vol. 3: Twice (Turn Your Back on Me, Too Much Trouble)

Now! vol. 4: Once (The Never Ending Story)

Now!….the history bit 🙂

The Now! project itself was the brainchild of two Virgin Records executives, Stephen Navin and Jon Webster who, following a particularly lucrative year (1983), decided to mark the occasion by the issue of an ‘end of year’ retrospective.  The idea was put to Virgin’s Managing Director Simon Draper who, knowing that collaboration between the two labels would be mutually beneficial, spoke to his EMI counterpart, Peter Jamieson.  The union between the two labels was finally formed onboard Richard Branson’s yacht on the Thames, and the double album quality product that we know and love was born.


The ‘Pig and Chicken’ characters that are associated with and used to promote the earlier Now! albums are of curious origin.  The pair were borrowed from a 1920’s advertising poster for Danish bacon, a print of which was given as a gift by Richard Branson to Virgin exec Simon Draper as a joke (until his full English breakfast had been eaten, Draper was notoriously grumpy in the mornings).  By ’83, the characters were set to invade the homes of many British music lovers as they made the transition from Simon Draper’s wall to cover stars for a product to be found in literally millions of UK homes.

The show will be available tomorrow (Monday May 27th) at 10pm UK time.  Readers with access to the ITV iPlayer can click on the below ITV logo to be taken to the player page.  If not, watch this space – as always, we will do our best to bring the show directly to you to stream and/or download!


To round off today’s news, step back in time to that moment when, maybe around the early part of December of 1983, your Christmas list probably gained an extra item….

Video courtesy of P.J. Gathergood

KajaFax hope to be able to get the show available for viewing for our non-UK readers by midweek.

We will add the links here as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait, tune in at 10pm UK time/11pm CET and try  HERE.

Keep checking back!

2013 KajaFax

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  1. leehal permalink
    May 26, 2013 12:46 pm

    I know Jon Webster who came up with the idea for the Now series. He also started the Mercury Music Prize. Top bloke he is too.

  2. May 28, 2013 7:39 am

    A great show it was last night……update to include download link to follow. Not much point in trying to YouTube it – it will just be blocked straightaway I should think…. Watch this space. 😉

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