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Limahl in ‘Giorgio Moroder’ Documentary Part II

May 22, 2013

Hello! 🙂

As promised, we bring you an update on the recently broadcast BBC documentary ‘Electric Dreams: The Giorgio Moroder Story’.  Links to streamable and downloadable versions of the show are included later in this post…..


Limahl features a little more heavily in this second instalment and is interviewed at the 21 minute mark as a part of the ‘Never Ending Story’ segment, lasting for around 7 minutes.  This episode also discusses other Moroder productions from 80’s movies (Electric Dreams, Flashdance etc…) and really is worth a listen.

Our UK readers can stream the show by clicking on the below BBC IPlayer logo:

bbc-iplayero-logoor for non-U.K., download an mp3 copy via Sendspace:


Please also be aware that Sendspace can be a little confusing!

The below screen-capture (courtesy of shows where to click to download:


We hope that you enjoy the show!  If that’s not enough, here’s the video for the song…..

2013 KajaFax

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