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Limahl in ‘Giorgio Moroder’ Documentary

May 19, 2013

Today’s update will be of general interest to anybody that appreciates quality crafted pop music and of course for our purposes with a specific interest in Limahl. 

It is no exaggeration to say that Italy’s Giorgio Moroder is a music producer of legendary status.  He is solely responsible for some of the very best musical output of the 1970s and 1980s and has made an indelible mark of the history of popular music all over the world.   In 1984, EMI Records asked Limahl to travel to Japan to perform at the Tokyo Music Festival.   The event was held at the historic Budokan Arena and had an audience of 10,000 – with a further 44 million watching on television!  It was here that Limahl had the all important chance meeting with Giorgio Moroder, who just happened to be working on the soundtrack to a new movie entitled ‘The NeverEnding Story’

The BBC have commissioned a two-part documentary about Moroder, a section of which discusses his work with Limahl on the Never Ending Story project as well as his production work on Limahl’s second album ‘Colour All My Days’.  The broadcast is over two parts, with the first part available now via the BBC ‘IPlayer‘ service, with part 2 being broadcast tomorrow at 10pm UK time.

KajaFax wants to ensure that each and every reader has the opportunity to listen to this great show and offers you three different listening options.

You can either listen via BBC IPlayer (UK only),  stream via ‘VideoBam’, or download via ‘Sendspace’.  Click on the image of your choice to be directed to your preferred option:


We will add ‘Part 2’ to this post as soon as the links are available – keep checking back later in the week for availability.

Please also be aware that Sendspace can be a little confusing! The below screen-capture (courtesy of shows where to click to download:


Simarly, to play on VideoBam, please click on the play button shown on the floating bar at the bottom of the video screen and not on any of the advertising banners 🙂

We hope that you enjoy the show!

2013 KajaFax

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