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Limahl at the Movies – Feel the Motion a.k.a. Der Formel Eins Film

September 26, 2012

Some time ago, you will remember that we published a feature on the American version of the promotional video for Limahl hit single ‘Only for Love’.   We thought the clip was very ‘Miami Vice’ and that it could have been pulled from any TV cop series!  Well, it’s no secret that Limahl did a little acting before he found fame with Kajagoogoo, but did you know that he had been in a movie?

Released in 1985 with the German title Der Formel Eins Film and released with an English soundtrack as Feel the Motion, Limahl not only acts in, but is the subject of this movie. This is how IMDb describes it…..

“Tina Lehmann is an auto mechanic who dreams of becoming a pop star. One day after work she sneaks onto the set of the TV music program ‘Formel Eins’ with her demo tape, and lands a job as a gofer.  Her boyfriend Stevie Dromberger, who has been drafted into the army, doesn’t like the attention she’s receiving from the celebrity guests, and goes AWOL when he thinks she is dating the singer Limahl….”

Limahl co-stars with other artists such as Re-Flex, Meatloaf, Falco and Katrina and the Waves.  He has a fair amount of ‘on screen’ time, and the film includes a performance of the hit single Too Much Trouble.

The film was issued in its native Germany and also for the English speaking market in a dubbed version.

Today, we bring you edited clips of Limahl’s scenes in the movie.

This clip shows the full 20 minutes of movie that feature Limahl.  This edited clip is taken from the original German language version of the film but all scenes featuring Limahl are spoken in English.  There is also a fully ‘English dubbed’ version available, which curiously has Limahl’s voice dubbed by a German accented voice actor!

A fun bit of footage for anyone who has not seen the film before!  We hope that you enjoy it.

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  1. Virginia Ruth Mees permalink
    September 26, 2012 12:48 am

    So many years ago, I’ve never seen this movie ever. I enjoyed it. Thank you fot showing it.

  2. celine permalink
    September 26, 2012 10:04 am

    Ah Limahl :: still !

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