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Limahl and Steve Askew – Live on Stage Today!

July 21, 2012

Rewind Scotland 2012 is finally here, and today will see Limahl take to the stage as a part of the line-up for the opening day of this year’s weekend of events.

The KajaFax team have taken up temporary residency in Perth, and are eagerly awaiting today’s show.  Excitement is also at fever pitch with the fans, as our email inbox has, over the last week, seen a steady flow of questions about the event as well as good luck messages for both Limahl and Steve.  Thank goodness that the wait is almost over! 😉

As fans, the KajaFax crew are as excited as everybody else!  Tickets in hand, we have our cameras loaded and at the ready to get those all important snaps!  We intend to bring you full details of Limahl’s performance and over the coming days will publish the very best in photos and video clips from the day.  We are also hoping to get a few words with the man himself!

Keep checking KajaFax for the latest updates.

For those of you with tickets, we hope that you get to the venue safely and have a fantastic time!

Limahl is expected on stage at 3:50pm so don’t be late! 😉

With all of the excitement of Rewind, it is important to remember those fans who have opted to travel south rather than north –  the Bedford River Festival is also taking place this weekend and many fans will be there to support Steve Askew and Lu Cozma.

Full information on that event can be obtained HERE and remember that the Bedford River Festival is a FREE EVENT.  If Bedford is local to you, why not pop along and show your support for Steve – Lu is a fantastic vocalist and combined with Steve’s guitar work the performance is sure to be spellbinding.

KajaFax will return next week with full reports on both gigs.

All that remains is for us to wish Limahl, Steve and of course Lu all the very best for a great show!!!

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