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Limahl January – 1983 Update

January 11, 2012
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Limahl January – 1983 Update

Yesterday was of course release day for the new single ‘1983’ and the web world has been buzzing with word of this single coming out.  All feedback we’ve heard has been extremely positive and we’ve been keeping a close eye on Amazon stats where the track has been making a great impression.


Limahl was busy yesterday including an interview on Sirius XM Radio which was incredibly well received which should only do great things to help the track onwards.

Incase you missed that interview, we have it for you here:

Amazing interview, a must hear!

Yesterday we saw the track hit #12 in the Amazon hot new dance & electronic releases and also #5 in the movers & shakers list!

Our good friendship with ‘Radio Creme Brulee’ that we made during the DDH release was strengthened even further yesterday when they wrote this superb blog piece on the track and they are giving in great rotation.  Nice work!

Keep an eye on the Amazon Dance & Electronic chart, the single is moving on up!  As of 1.35pm UK today, it is placed at #5:



We’d advise anyone who wanted to buy the track but wasn’t interested in where to get it from, to go for Amazon as we’re really interested in seeing those stats just keep on getting better!

If you can’t spare much money but really want all of the versions, have the full lot at a fantastic price:

We hope you bring you further updates on the progress of the track as they come through.


2012 KajaFax

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  1. January 11, 2012 6:53 pm

    Lets hope the Amazon sales are replicated over on iTunes. They have a massive share of the market so hitting heavy on there is so very important 🙂

    Remember, each purchase counts so don’t be ‘Too Shy’ to buy more than one! 😉

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