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KajaGooGoo New Single Release Midweek Push

June 15, 2011

KajaGooGoo New Single Midweek Release

We’re halfway through release week and still pushing as hard as we can to make the release of ‘Death Defying Headlines’ a success.

We’ve been on the radio, we’ve been in newspapers and we’ve even recorded for television but we cannot do this without the support of the fans.

We need to sell more copies of the single, which is where we need your help to achieve this.  Tweet it out, link us up on Facebook, tell people that you know, we can do this but only with an almighty push in the last few days.


Here are the links to buy the track:
Note, if the link takes you to the EP, you can still select the single track.

Death Defying Headlines:

iTunes – 79p

Amazon – 69p

HMV – 79p

7digital – 79p

Play – 79p

Tesco – 89p–death-defying-headlines/2%3a53710679/

Death Defying Headlines – Dance Mix:

iTunes – 79p

Amazon – 69p

HMV – 79p

7digital – 79p

This is our chance to get the band back into the charts and show what we can achieve together.

2011 KajaFax

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