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KajaFax SuperFan #5

June 7, 2011

KajaFax SuperFan Series #5

Our fifth super fan in the series is Dave Kilburn from the UK.


Can you start by telling us how you came to be a big fan of KajaGooGoo?

Blimey, I’m not sure I can remember that far back, Too Shy was just one of those songs I remember as a kid, and the name Kajagoogoo always stuck in my head, then when I was around 10 I remember looking for records on a market stall, and I came across White Feathers, and being a huge synthpop fan I was hooked instantly.

You’ve seen the band live, can you tell us where and how that was?

I saw them at the warm up at Birkenhead, and also in Liverpool and Nottingham.

I remember screaming with excitement about the warm up gig, and the vip meet, so that was a no brainer, Liverpool was the closest gig to Manchester, and Nottingham, loads of facebook friends were going so it turned into an event.

I seem to remember you were one of the group that gave Steve Askew the ‘Freddo’ treatment!! Can you tell us about that?!

Steve Askew was always posting on facebook about chocolate, so myself and Michelle decided to buy loads of Freddo’s and throw them on stage.


Have you met the band?

Yes in Birkenhead and Nottingham.

What’s your favourite item of Goo memorabilia that you own?

Probably my signed Live in Toyko CD from the Islands Tour.

And what about something you’d most like which you don’t have?

Nick Beggs bass skills would be great!


What is it about the band that keeps your interest, do you think they are as relevant today as they were in 1983?

I love the music, always have been a huge synthpop fan, the music holds many memories for me, I never tire of it, I think the Goo are still relevant especially with the new material, and the fact that synthpop has always been around and making comebacks

Are you a regular reader of KajaFax? What are your thoughts on the site?

I love the site, it’s fascinating to read about the Goo, the members, the side projects and all the memorabilia.

What are your thoughts on Death Defying Headlines and the fan promotion, do you think we can see the track into the chart?

I love the track, it’s especially relevant, given the news headlines these days, I think it would chart, it’s all about power to the people.


What is your favourite KajaGooGoo track?

White Feathers.

Who is your favourite member of KajaGooGoo?

Hmmm got to be Nick, for the basslines, for giving us Big Apple.

What would you like to see from the band for 2011 and beyond?

I’d love a new album, I think we all would, or a compilation for demos from White Feathers, Islands and Crazy Peoples…

We know you’ve not been so well lately, how are you feeling at the moment?

I feel relatively normal, the chemo is knocking me for six, it’s a long road ahead, but as I keep telling myself, “I will beat this, I will get better and get back to normal, as i’m a strong person”.


Any message you’d like to give out to the band and your fellow fans?

Thank you to the Goo for giving us some fantastic music, which has seen me through some tough times, and thanks to the friends i’ve made because of Kajagoogoo, there’s been some brill times and hopefully there’ll be many more.

Dave, many thanks for talking with us today, it’s been a pleasure and we wish you a speedy return to full health and continued Kajafandom!!

2011 KajaFax

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  1. Denny permalink
    June 7, 2011 8:03 pm

    Great interview Dave. Hope you are better soon.

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