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KajaFax about Nick Beggs Pt3

May 1, 2011

The KajaFax about Nick Beggs – Part Three

Welcome to the final part of our brief insight into the career of Nick Beggs. We resume the tale from where part two left off…


Nick had been busy.  Very busy indeed.  He had recorded and played live with artists as diverse as Right Said Fred, Rik Waller, ABC, Iona, and John Paul Jones, and despite all of that had even found the time to do some more lecturing work.  Then, one day in 2003, there was a knock at the door.  It was VH-1 Television, they had video cameras, and they were using words such as ‘Kajagoogoo’ and ‘reunions’…..both in the same sentence!

“This is very sweet…..I’ve always been into this” was Nick’s response. 

Surprisingly, VH-1 achieved the impossible.  For now at least.

What went on behind the scenes at that gig is a topic that ‘KajaFax’ dares only to speculate.  For fans though, we had hope.  All five guys, together and performing on the same stage.  Could the ‘Scala’ become a latter day ‘Embassy Club’?

Well, not quite…

Video courtesy of Kajagoogoomusic:

The reunion was short lived, and Nick returned to session playing and touring, notably recording sessions for amongst others, Emma Bunton on her ‘Life in Mono’ album.


He also found the time to work alongside Steve Askew with girl band ‘Industrial Salt’.

Video courtesy of seelenfluesterin:

It was shortly after those sessions that Kajagoogoo as a three piece were again back in business, playing Retrofest 2007.  The band also released their first single since 1985, ‘Rocket Boy’.


By 2008, Bradley Snelling, the Retrofest organizer, has finished the job started by VH-1 in 2003 and Kajagoogoo were back! 

The subsequent tour of the UK and Europe is all very fresh in our minds….we loved it!

…and we are now pretty much up to date!

What is next in the career of Nick Beggs?  He has recently toured (again) with Kim Wilde, and has also toured extensively with Howard Jones.  His future activities are, as yet, unknown to us here at KajaFax.

One thing is for sure – the Beggion isn’t idle for long, and one day soon, Kajagoogoo fans worldwide will again have something to look forward to!

In an interesting twist, Nick’s former signing ‘Let Loose’ are also back in business, recently releasing an album called ‘Paint it Gold’.


You can’t keep a good act down! 

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