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Happy Birthday Limahl

December 19, 2010

A very big KajaFax birthday greeting goes out to Chris ‘Limahl’ Hamill today.

KajaFax wishes him a splendid and very happy birthday!

Born in Pemberton nr. Wigan in 1958, Christopher Hamill went on to become one of the big stars of the 80s and had a very successful solo career after the split from KajaGooGoo in 1983.

Here is a great interview with Limahl on the release of his first album, ‘Don’t Suppose’:

Limahl‘s debut album was released before he had been offered the job of recording the title track to the hit movie the ‘NeverEnding Story’, and at first the album contained a live track – ‘The Greenhouse Effect’.  The album was  subsequently re-released when Neverending Story became a global smash, with the live track track removed and number one hit The NeverEnding Story put in it’s place.  Full details on this can be found in this previous post:


Here is a live track ‘Tar Beach’ from that album, a great performance from 1984:

Limahl has released three solo albums to date –  ‘Don’t Suppose’ in 1984, ‘Colour All My Days’ in 1986 and then ‘Love is Blind’ in 1992.

Here is a great studio performance of ‘Inside to Outside’ from the second album:

‘Colour All My Days’ had a very distinctive sound and was produced by legendary music producer Giorgio Moroder.  Limahl wrote all of the tracks on this album except the one we’ve just heard, ‘Inside to Outside’.


The third album has a much dancier style to it, an example of this can be heard here in this 12″ version of the album’s lead single, ‘Stop’:



After releasing singles throughout the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s,  Limahl again found himself back on top with the release of Tell Me Why, which was very well received by fans and a Euro hit in 2006.

Tell Me Why
Courtesy of LimahlOnline

As much as Limahl has a very loyal fan base in the UK, his biggest following has always been in Germany and Japan, and Poland.


Fans of KajaGooGoo were delighted in 2008 when the band got back together as a five piece outfit and we finally got to hear some brand new material with Limahl on vocals.

The ‘Death Defying Headlines’ EP released in 2009 was a strong four track EP featuring everything the fans love about the band but also showing a more mature sound and style.  Nick Beggs’ strong basslines feature heavily in the EP, a fact which makes fans very happy indeed!

Here are KajaGooGoo performing ‘Space Cadet’ from the 2009 EP ‘Death Defying Headlines’:
Courtesy of Kajagoogoomusic

And a favourite track from the EP, the superb ‘Dreaming of the Same Thing’, performed live:
Courtesy of Kaja4ever


Happy Birthday Limahl!

Finally, some more notable previous Limahl posts:

2010 KajaFax

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