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The KajaGooGoo Flexi Video

November 20, 2010

This post leads on from a previous post about this item:

Ok, so back in 1983 the band recorded an interview for ‘One Two Testing’ magazine and talked about their instruments.

Nick Beggs talks about Too Shy and plays that world famous bassline, Steve Askew talks about ebows and echoes, Jez Strode talks about the Movement drum machine and Stuart Neale talks about the Jupiter 8.

With huge thanks to my good friend Steve, he has ripped the audio from the flexi and I have put this onto my GooTube for you all to hear.

It’s an interesting piece and being so scarce, a great opportunity to hear what you’ve probably not heard before 🙂

Please follow Steve on Twitter: @RaggedTiger1973

Apologies for the background sound, this has been tweaked but this is just due to the sound that has come from the Flexi.


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  1. Steve Yeo permalink
    November 20, 2010 9:45 pm

    glad to help, Steve!!


  1. KajaFax Fan Club Flexi Disc «

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