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KajaFax Fan Club Flexi Disc

March 3, 2011
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This flexi disc was sent out by the KajaFax club back in 1985.  Judging by the new logo which matches the one on KajaFax 5 magazine, it is possible that this either came out with KajaFax 5 or that it was sent out shortly before or afterwards.


The Flexi is recorded on both sides. Print is only on one side.

Side 1:

Message from Nick Beggs

Part of “Fear Machine” by Art Nouveau

Message from ??? (I think this is someone from Kajafax, but not from the Band????)

Side 2:

Part of “Lifes a go go” by Art Nouveau

Message from Stuart Neale
Huge thanks to Florian Hohring once again for this gem.

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2011 KajaFax
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