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Kajagoogoo Peru Promotional Single

July 19, 2014

Today’s chunk of vintage vinyl comes to you in the form of a promotional vinyl single, sourced and imported into the United Kingdom all the way from ‘darkest’ Peru.

Peru Promo Kajagoogoo Side both
Issued direct to the radio station music library via IEMPSA, this promotional disc contains Kajagoogoo’s second and third hit songs Ooh to be Ah and Hang on Now.  The acronym IEMPSA stands for Industrias Electricas Y Musicales Peruanas S.A. , which in simpler terms is actually Odeon and EMI Records’ Peruvian subsidiary company.

 Peru Promo Kajagoogoo Large

Items issued via this label onto the open market are highly sought after by collectors, with similar records by acts such as Duran Duran changing hands for incredibly high prices if in the right sort of condition.

Peru Kajagoogoo Cover

Dated ‘Marzo’ (March) 1984, the disc was once the property of Radio Pasco, a station based in the central Peruvian Pasco Region.    It now resides here in the UK as a part of the KajaFax archive :)

To round off today, here is a 2012 re-mix of Ooh to be Ah, courtesy of DJpHatSam.

See you next time!

2014 KajaFax

Nick Beggs: Kumara

July 13, 2014

We come to you tonight with something new. Hot off the press and published online only minutes ago by Nick, here is a great solo stick recital that you don’t want to miss.  Nick has in the past uploaded some great ‘stick’ video clips.  The footage that we bring you now is up there with the very best of them.

Enjoy this sublime performance: ‘Kumara’.

2014 KajaFax

Retro Interview – Limahl 2007

July 11, 2014

Today, we feature an interview that many of you may not have heard the first time around. Originally recorded for broadcast on UK national radio in 2007, Limahl takes us on a guided tour of stately home ‘Waddesdon Manor’.  An unusual interview in many ways, the recording is interesting as it provides a rare opportunity for us to hear Limahl talk about things outside of music….

 There is not much more for us to say except enjoy the clip!

2014 KajaFax

Limahl – CD re-issue of ‘Don’t Suppose’ featuring unheard material!

June 27, 2014

It’s been a while since Kajafans have had something new to get excited about – not since Limahl’s recent solo single ‘London For Christmas’ have we had something fresh to enjoy.

  Well, our wait is finally over.

It is with much excitement that KajaFax are pleased to announce a brand new, double CD re-issue of Limahl debut LP ‘Don’t Suppose’.  The album will be released on August 11th and is available to pre-order now via expert pop purveyors ‘Cherry Red Records’.

Celebrating it’s 30th anniversary, this new and expanded edition of Don’t Suppose includes all known remixes of the hit singles taken from the album.  The release also features the ‘b-side’ tracks from those singles and most importantly unreleased and demo material.

This really is the definitive edition that HAS to be in your collection!

Track List:

CD ONE: Original Album & B-Side Tracks:

1: Don’t Suppose

2: That Special Something

3: Your Love

4: Too Much Trouble

5: Never Ending Story

6: Only For Love

7: I Was a Fool

8: The Waiting Game   

9: Tar Beach

10: Oh Girl

11: The Greenhouse Effect (Live)*

12: O.T.T. (Over The Top)*

13: You’ve Been Gone For a Little While (Too Much Trouble Reprise)*

CD TWO: Remixes, Alternate Versions & Demo Tracks:

1: Never Ending Story (12″ Mix)

2: Never Ending Story (Rusty 7″ Mix)*

3: Never Ending Story (12″ Dance Mix)

4: Never Ending Story (12″ Dub Mix)*

5: Only For Love (Dance Mix)

6: Only For Love (Dub Mix)*

7: Too Much Trouble (Lovers Heartbeat Mix)*

8: Too Much Trouble (7″ Version)

9: Tar Beach (The City Blues Mix)*

10: L’Histoire Sans Fin*

11: Ivory Tower (B-Side to Never Ending Story)

12: Your Love (12″ Master)**

13: Heartbeat (Demo)**

14: Then Suddenly (Demo)**

15: Heart of Gold (Demo)**

* Previously unreleased on CD

**Previously unreleased

You can order this two-CD bundle straight from Cherry Red by clicking on the below logo:


This deluxe edition includes a richly illustrated 36 page CD booklet with an introduction from Limahl, an extended question and answer piece, and the most comprehensive biography / career overview to date. Why not order your copy today?

KajaFax extends a huge ‘thank you’ to Barney at Cherry Red Records for his help and assistance with this article.

Thanks for visiting KajaFax – the number 1 Kajagoogoo website.

2014 KajaFax


Kajagoogoo and Limahl: Melodie und Rhythmus

June 25, 2014

Once in a while, something ‘goo related comes up that is too scarce and overtly desirable to ignore.  Regular readers of KajaFax will remember some of our finer moments when we have featured bone-fide one-off items of memorabilia.  Although not quite in the ‘one-off’ category, what we have today is pretty scarce nevertheless.

Roll back to the 1980’s and the days when Germany was carved up into the prosperous West and the Communist East.  Whilst the Federal Republic enjoyed glossy, colourful editions of ‘Bravo’ magazine which showcased lavishly promoted and seemingly wealthy pop stars, those on the easternmost side of the country in the GDR were not so fortunate.  Their state owned harmony was not (for the most part) meant to be disrupted by western idealism.  Kajagoogoo were one of the few exceptions to the rule that prohibited the promotion (via pop music) of western European values.

Such ideas were, after all, polar opposites to the state controlled ideology.

melodie und rhythmus logo transparent smallThe pop magazine ‘Melodie und Rhythmus’ was one such outlet for ‘suitable’ foreign musicians to peddle their wares.  In the latter third of ’84, Kajagoogoo and Limahl graced the pages of the magazine which can (unusually for a periodical publication) be considered scarce.  Why scarce?  Well, such was the governmental control of all things essential to life back then that certain things were controlled by rationing – paper being one of those things.  When supplies were exhausted, the printing presses stopped rolling. Due to the rationing of the paper and the subsequent low printing capacity in the GDR, the magazine was quickly sold out.

This example not only made it through the print works whilst there was still sufficient paper left to finish the run, but also managed to survive the next 30 years intact.


For those of you who are German speakers and via scans made from the original magazine held in our archive, hier ist der Deutsche originaltext.

On behalf of the rest of us who speak only English, a kind request.  If there are any German speakers who are able to provide a translation, please email us on

Please click on the individual image to open a large scale version of the article in your internet browser.

01 Melodie und Rhythmus Issue 12-1984


02 issue 8-85 Limahl NES

2014 KajaFax

Nick Beggs’ Rockets

June 18, 2014

 ‘Rockets’ were a French pop group who obtained their greatest successes in Italy during the seventies and early eighties.  Dubbed by the press as purveyors of ‘space-rock’, Rockets delivered electronic beats and sounds to accompany their grandiose, sci-fi themed lyrical adventures; all theatrically portrayed by their space-age imagery.  In a career move similar to acts that were to follow (Snap, Sugababes) the band were to, over the years, amass a huge list of members and past members, and have many varied incarnations, most of whom had a strangely silver pallor…..


Their concerts were characterized by the use of spectacular visual effects; laser beams, smoke, pyrotechnics, and special sound effects.  Rocket’s behind-the-scenes supremo Claude Lemoine created them and contributed substantially to define their image and sound.


By the early 1990’s, Rockets had re-grouped, fronted by Classix Nouveaux vocalist Sal Solo and featuring ‘goo bassman Nick Beggs.  Lemoine was still at the helm and although the sci-fi imagery was no longer dominant,  Rockets’ manifesto was still the same. Quality music.



If you can track a copy of the album down, either in its original vinyl form or on a more recent CD re-issue, it’s a really great listen. It also has the Beggion’s musical thumbprints all over it!!!

It’s clear to see that the ‘Spaceman’ was in orbit as far back as ’92….


As a taster, here’s ‘Jimi’, a highlight from the album.  Enjoy :)

KajaFax will return in a few days with more prime ‘goo!

2014 KajaFax

Ellis Beggs & Howard Live Bootleg CD

June 10, 2014

Love or loathe them, bootleg recordings are a massive hit with serious collectors.  There are a few good ones are in circulation of Kajagoogoo gigs from both the White Feathers and Islands tours, and also from later gigs ‘post reunion’.  What are a little more difficult to come by are recordings of the solo projects and spin off bands. Today, KajaFax is pleased to be able to showcase one such rarity – a live recording taken from the opening night of the Ellis Beggs and Howard tour of 1989.  Recorded at Birmingham’s Goldwyns Nightclub in its inaugural year, our lads graced a venue that was to become the venue of choice for both national and international stars.   Blur, Nirvana, Crowded House, Nine Inch Nails and many, many more came to Goldwyns, performing to hundreds of thousands of eager fans.  Goldwyns later became ‘The Foundry’, and in doing so morphed into middle England’s punk and indie Mecca.

Recorded in February 1989, this is a great quality audience recording that captures Simon, Nick and Austin in great form.  KajaFax are incredibly lucky to have this CD in their collection, and are excited to present both visuals of the disc and audio from that recording here for you now.  We extend a massive ‘thank you’ to the original taper who we are sure had a fabulous time whilst capturing this great gig!

 First of all, let’s take a peek at the CD itself:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Has that wet your appetite? If so, sit back and enjoy a sample of the audio footage!  Live on stage, here are Simon, Nick and Austin – otherwise known as Ellis Beggs and Howard – performing Big Bubbles, No Troubles.



KajaFax will return in a few days with more of the very best Goo! See you soon.


2014 KajaFax