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KajaFax: Media Update

September 28, 2014

Today’s impromptu post is a mix of video media both old and new.


Our first two clips demonstrate the global impact made by Kajagoogoo following the release of their debut single Too Shy.   For our first clip, we travel to the United States of America.  Hot on the heels of stable-mates Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo also had their sights set Stateside; and it seems that the American public were licking their lips in anticipation of their visit.  ‘Too Shy’ had hit number one on charts all over the world and had, most encouragingly, raced into the US Billboard Charts, peaking at #5.

What we bring you now is a clip lifted straight from a radio recording of the Casey Kasem American Top 40 Countdown show, originally broadcast in 1983.

Kajagoogoo are also popular in Japan where, purists that they are, lip-synching on television appearances would appear to be somewhat frowned upon.  YouTube user ‘nyuv’ has uploaded this great footage of the band performing Too Shy live in the studio.

In case you missed it, here it is!

Finally, we bring things more up-to-date with a solo stick recital from Nick, recorded only a few days ago.  This really is a beautiful performance, so settle down, turn up the volume, and enjoy!

KajaFax returns in a few days time with a real treat for Limahl fans that you don’t want to miss!

See you then!!

2014 KajaFax


Kajagoogoo – Big Apple Scarce Promotional Copy

September 24, 2014

Today’s item of collectors’ memorabilia is a little bit special – dating back to late 1983 and the band’s fourth single.  Big Apple was the first track to be written for the Islands album in the spring of 1983 – whilst Limahl was still in the band.  Conflicting ideas were being exchanged on the direction that the new album would take – differences that would ultimately to lead to Kajagoogoo’s fragmentation.  Limahl had written ‘Only for Love’, a song that would have surely cemented Kajagoogoo’s place into the premier league of pop.  In the other camp, Jez, Steve, Stuart and Nick had written the equally good ‘Big Apple’ and ‘On a Plane’.

 What happened next is history…

Big Apple Promo Poster

To promote the single, the guys shot a great video in New York. Here is that video now in great HQ quality in its original form – complete with the original ‘screeching tyres’ that featured on its original release – no re-mastered overdubs here….


Blocked in your country? Stream the video HERE

Available commercially as both a 7” & 12” single,  the song reached UK #8.  Also on issue (and the subject of today’s article) was this fabulous promotional copy, complete with wraparound sleeve and DJ catalogue number.

**click on each image to open a full size version in your browser**

The inner section of the wrap-around outer sleeve contained a group photo, accompanied by an interesting written section telling the tale of how the single (as well as the four piece band!) came to be.  We know that one or two of you out there have one of these in your collection, but for those that have not, be prepared for a long wait – they don’t come up for sale very often :)

Big Apple Inner (Folded Out)

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  2014 KajaFax

Ellis Beggs & Howard – Big Bubbles No Troubles Limited Edition Pack

September 18, 2014

Today’s entry into the KajaFax archive rewinds to 1988, and Nick Beggs’ work with Ellis Beggs & Howard.


The first (and best known) single release by the band was ‘Big Bubbles No Troubles’.  RCA Records issued this single twice, with the re-issued edition having (in my opinion) far superior cover art than the original press.  Second time around, the label also manufactured a Limited Edition pack.  Housed in a sealed PVC sleeve, the package contained a copy of the single and four ‘exclusive’ colour prints.

Every collector’s dream item, this edition is a really nice thing.  Here is the KajaFax copy, scanned from almost every angle!

Thank you for visiting KajaFax, the premier Kajagoogoo fansite.

2014 KajaFax

Steve Askew – Smalltown Elephants Billboard Poster

September 12, 2014

Smalltown Elephants were Steve Askew, Andy Fitzgerald, and Paul Turley.

STE Logo

The band were signed by Polydor Records in the summer of 1988, and soon after released debut single ‘Walking on Ice’.  Alas, the business end of things overtook them, and despite a support tour with A-ha on the UK leg of their world tour, Smalltown Elephants soon disbanded.  Footage of the band is notoriously difficult to come by, and despite the A-ha gigs being heavily bootlegged, nobody seems to have support slot recordings. The guys even got some VT airtime on ‘The Tube’ which again seems to be impossible to find.  Needless to say, if we ever stumble across any footage, KajaFax readers will be the first to benefit.

What we do have however – the Raison d’être of today’s article – is this rather wonderful photo.  Taken in London back in ’86, the image was emailed to us by KajaFan and friend of KajaFax Cris, who takes up the story:

“….I personally took the picture in London in December 1986, in a small street somewhere around the city centre. It is a possession that I am very fond of and I really hope you like it!  it is nothing special I know, but… to share it with you, as a friend and fellow fan, it brings back good memories….”

As always, KajaFax extends a huge ‘thank you’ to Cris for being kind enough to send this image to us!

Billboard Poster Smalltown Elephants

For those who are interested and so far as we know, during their lifespan, Smalltown Elephants played these dates:

30th September 1986: The Marquee Club, London, UK

4 December: Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen, UK

5 December: Caird Hall, Dundee, UK

7 December: Playhouse, Edinburgh, UK

8 December: City Hall, Newcastle, UK

10 December: City Hall, Sheffield, UK

11 December: City Hall, Sheffield, UK

12 December: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK

13 December: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK

15 December: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

16 December: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

17 December: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

18 December: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

19 December: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

20 December: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

22 December: Brighton Centre, Brighton, UK

23 December: Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK

24 December: International Centre, Bournemouth, UK

29 December: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

30 December: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

31 December: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

2nd December 1986: The Marquee Club, London, UK

This list is by no means complete – did you attend a gig by the band that is not on this list?

If so, we would love to hear about it!

Thanks for visiting KajaFax :)


2014 KajaFax

Limahl – Tonight’s TV Appearance

September 6, 2014

Earlier this evening, Limahl appeared on MDR TV in Germany as a featured artist in their retro-extravaganza show ‘Die 80er Jahre Party’.

Limahl 1985 (1)

For those people both here in the UK and elsewhere in Europe without access to German TV, we thought it would be nice to bring you footage of this evening’s broadcast.  So, we got busy with our satellite equipment and here are the results!  Limahl on stage.


Thanks for watching!

2014 KajaFax

Limahl Interview – ‘The Split’ – Melody Maker 1983

September 3, 2014

 As promised, here is our follow up article to the one published a week or two ago in which the individual members of Kajagoogoo discussed the events surrounding the break-up of the band.

Today, it’s Limahl’s turn to speak to the reporter from Melody Maker

* Back in 1983, Melody Maker was published in a format similar to a modern day tabloid newspaper  – we have tried our best to scan the pages on a standard A4 scanner.  This was quite a tricky task, so please excuse any obvious joins, smears, or other blemishes *

**Click on the below image to open a large scale, fully readable version in your browser**

Limahl 1983 Melody Maker

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2014 KajaFax

Limahl Update: TV Performance and Album Re-Issue

August 27, 2014

As promised, KajaFax returns today with a double-whammy of Limahl related updates.

Firstly, we share our views on the newly re-issued Don’t Suppose CD double-pack.

 Looks impressive doesn’t it?  Well, it sounds impressive too. Great mastering when listened to at volume through my TEAC amplifier, and with lots of delicious extras to get stuck into, this has to be considered the definitive version of this album to hit the stores to date.  There is but one flaw –  the disc seems to suffer the same issues with ‘Oh Girl’ that the Gold Legion one did!! (but don’t let that put you off)  Still not convinced? Already have the Gold Legion issue?  Well, be assured that this CD is worth the cost of its purchase for the extra demo tracks alone.  How on earth ‘Heart of Gold’ has not seen the light of day before now is a mystery!  Both Heart of Gold and Heartbeat would seem a little out of place on the album as we know it, but would have been great bonus tracks on a ‘B’ side or a 12″ single – in the case of the former, possibly a single in it’s own right. Then Suddenly is the original recording of a song we all know – later recorded in the late 1990’s.  With a completely different feel to the reworked version the original track takes on a whole new ambience.  Marvellous stuff.  The booklet is, at 36 pages, a terrific companion to the two discs and features lots of text – no filler here – it’s all content and a great read.  A massive thanks needs to go out to Barney Ashton at Strike Force Entertainment for making this project come to fruition, and also to Limahl for yet again pulling out all the stops to help produce a first class product.

Click on the Amazon logo to purchase your copy – we at KajaFax highly recommend it!

Amazon Kajagoogoo Store

Moving on to another recent topic – Limahl’s recent TV appearance in the UK.  Many KajaFax readers outside of the UK have been unable to view the show broadcast last weekend and as always, we have tried to help :)  A little longer than usual due to a long weekend away from home but better late than never – we have that show in full for you now.

To stream the video directly via MediaFire, click on THIS LINK.

Alternatively, if you would rather download and watch at you leisure, click HERE.

Limahl 1985 (3a)

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2014 KajaFax