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Limahl Gig Announcement: Blackpool Headland Arena 2015

April 26, 2015

Today’s news is very welcome, not only for KajaFax readers as fans, but especially for us here at KajaFax HQ as it is being held in my home town!  We are very pleased to announce that Limahl will be performing at the Blackpool Tower Headland Arena as a part of the iFest event, sponsored by the TV channel Vintage TV who will be filming the show for broadcast.

The Tower Headland Arena is situated opposite Blackpool’s famous tower, and is an open air venue that is able to host a whopping 20,000 people. For a seating plan, click HERE.

The concert takes place on Saturday September 5th and is hosted by Pat Sharp.


The festival forms part of a three day celebration, beginning on Friday 4th September with the famous Blackpool Illuminations switch-on ceremony.  Saturday September 5th sees the pop concert, with the proceedings coming to a finale on the Sunday with headliner Al Murray and a fantastic stand-up show on the famous promenade ‘Comedy Carpet’.

So far, the acts on the bill for the outdoor seafront pop concert include:



Jason Donovan

Paul Young


Owen Paul

 Weekend tickets as well as single Saturday and Sunday tickets will go on sale tomorrow (Monday 27th April) at 10am from SEE Tickets, and are also available from the VisitBlackpool Tourist Information Centre.  Tickets are priced at a very reasonable £15, or for the full weekend only £30.

To buy tickets, visit: or telephone 0871 220 0260*

*Calls cost 10p per minute plus standard network charges  or Tel: 01253 478222

Needless to say that KajaFax will bring you a full and comprehensive report on the event, as well as the very best photos and footage from the stage.

2015 KajaFax

KajaFan Collections

April 22, 2015

Fan contributions are an important part of KajaFax, and the interaction that we have with other Kajafans is one of the great things about running the site.  What we have to show you now was sent in to us by Kim, a 17 year old KajaFan from Germany and frequent KajaFax commentator.  She emailed us a while ago with some photos of her collection that she wanted to share.  A ‘new recruit’, Kim became a fan of the band a couple of years ago after hearing Too Shy on the radio, and quickly fell in love with all things ‘goo!

 “…after hearing the catchy song ‘Too Shy’, I was curious to hear new songs by them….and now, I am a Kajagoogoo fan!”  

Here are some photos of some of the best bits of her collection – we understand that she has lots more!

We hope that you enjoy them!

* As usual, click on each individual image to open a large version *

Team KajaFax extend their thanks to Kim for taking the time to photograph and share her collection!

2015 KajaFax

Rare and Unusual Merchandise: Kajagoogoo Mirrors

April 13, 2015

So far in 2015, KajaFax have dug deep to showcase some of the quirky items of Kajagoogoo merchandise that was sold back in the 80’s.  There was a lot of it about too, with much of it being unlicensed and completely unofficial.  To see some of the items available, and what manager Paul Ryan and the band think of them, see this piece of video footage….

Official or not, the kids back in ’83 didn’t care and wanted everything!

There is a huge market in collectibles for any band of the era – with fans of bands such as Duran Duran seeing a colossal amount of merchandise (both official and counterfeit) in the shops. To be a dedicated Durannie completist with a collection of everything there is to have, you would probably need (and could probably fill) about three houses full!

Today’s ‘goo feature is something that every kid who visited the travelling fair or explored his local market or ‘cheap’ shop may have found. This highly desirable (ahem) Kajagoogoo mirror!

Kajagoogoo Mirror

Probably taking pride of place in many a teenage bedroom back in 1983, this mirror must be quite possibly the most tacky piece of useless memorabilia we have ever found……which is why we like it!

Not content with just one of these lovelies however, KajaFax are the proud owners of a two more, this time aimed solely at fans of Limahl, rather than the entire Kajagoogoo line-up:

Limahl Promotional Mirror, 1983

Limahl Promotional Mirror (2), 1983

We think that there can’t be too many of these left…..

Do you have anything like this in your collection? If you do, why not tell us about it! Send your pictures and memories into the team at

To finish our Monday update, we have news of yet another live performance.

Limahl2015FestivalLimahl features on the bill of the 80’s Superstar Festival concert to be held at the Energylandia Amusement Park in the town of Zator, Poland. The event starts at approximately 8pm (local time).  For more information, click HERE to be redirected to the official facebook page. Ticket prices start at zł49 and can be purchased HERE.

Thanks for visiting KajaFax and keeping us the #1 Kajagoogoo site on the web!

2015 KajaFax

Limahl Gig Alert – Live on Stage – Saturday May 9th 2015

April 4, 2015

KajaFax are pleased to announce that Limahl will be performing at the 2015 Krzyżowa International Balloon Festival in Świdnica, Poland on Saturday May 9th.

He is scheduled to take to the stage at approximately 8pm (local time).


One of the event sponsors is Polish broadcaster TVP, so we are hopeful that the event may be televised – watch this space!!  The official page for the event can be found HERE.


2015 KajaFax

Kajagoogoo in the Tabloids

April 3, 2015

The year has so far been one of recurring themes here on KajaFax.  You may remember that we recently printed a vintage and very scarce newspaper cutting featuring a review of the band’s gig at the Derby Assembly Rooms.  Published by the Derby Evening Telegraph, the cutting was taken in 1983.

Well, now we hit you with a similar article, this time cut from UK tabloid newspaper ‘The Sun’.

I think these articles are really interesting – I hope you do too. As ever with The Sun, take it all with a pinch of salt and try to spot the grain of truth that this whole article has been so carefully spun around! Never a publication to let the truth get in the way of a good headline…..

As usual, to open a large, easy to read version of this article, click on the image.

Limahl in the Sun 1983

2015 KajaFax

Test Press Singles: Limahl and Kajagoogoo

March 25, 2015

Wednesday brings a double whammy of promotional vinyl. Team KajaFax are always really keen to discover new items, and as vinyl goodies are every collector’s items of preference we think these are a pair of real crackers! Both of today’s pieces are test press items and curious in their own way. First of all, we have this really cool Japanese pressing of Too Shy, housed in a generic die cut sleeve and ink stamped with the usual handling and care instructions. The plain white label and hand written track information really makes the point that this is something that was never intended for the public ownership…. A nice thing to own.

**as usual, click on the image to enlarge**

Finally, we move on to a similar UK test pressing for what was Limahl’s third solo single and international smash hit song ‘The Never Ending Story’.

The Never Ending Story promo banner and covers

This disc is not quite as ‘exotic’ – the yellow label holds details of the track held within as written by a previous owner in black biro. What makes this one interesting is the fact that it holds Limahl’s autograph, written in silver metallic pen. Of course, we have no way of knowing when it was signed or indeed if that signature is genuine or not!

Regardless of any of that, this remains a real collector’s piece for any fan of the band.

Thanks for visiting KajaFax and making us the #1 site for all things ‘Goo.

2015 KajaFax

KajaFax Ticket Stub Collection – Southampton Gaumont 1983

March 14, 2015

Longstanding readers will be more than familiar with our series of articles detailing gigs of the past with our collection of concert ticket stubs. Team KajaFax have lots of them! If you want a quick refresher, search ‘ticket stub’ in the KajaFax search bar – alternatively, click HERE. Today’s item comes from 1983 and features the Kajagoogoo performance at the Southampton Gaumont on May 8th 1983.

It’s interesting to note the information printed on the reverse of the ticket. Unofficial recordings of these shows are absolutely impossible come by, with only two official recordings of the tour actually being in circulation – both nights at the Hammersmith Odeon were recorded and are commercially available. Do you have any of your own recordings, photos, or merchandise from that tour? If so, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you and maybe feature them on site – contact us at with your details and we will make your memories headline news.

Southampton Ticket Stub - Front

Southampton Ticket Stub – Front

Southampton Ticket Stub - Rear

Southampton Ticket Stub – Rear

The Rank Organisation sold the Gaumont theatre in 1986.  It was redeveloped by the new owners and re-opened as The Mayflower in 1987 – the name it still uses to this day.

Thanks for visiting KajaFax!

2015 KajaFax