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Rare and Unusual Merchandise: Kajagoogoo Mirrors

April 13, 2015

So far in 2015, KajaFax have dug deep to showcase some of the quirky items of Kajagoogoo merchandise that was sold back in the 80’s.  There was a lot of it about too, with much of it being unlicensed and completely unofficial.  To see some of the items available, and what manager Paul Ryan and the band think of them, see this piece of video footage….

Official or not, the kids back in ’83 didn’t care and wanted everything!

There is a huge market in collectibles for any band of the era – with fans of bands such as Duran Duran seeing a colossal amount of merchandise (both official and counterfeit) in the shops. To be a dedicated Durannie completist with a collection of everything there is to have, you would probably need (and could probably fill) about three houses full!

Today’s ‘goo feature is something that every kid who visited the travelling fair or explored his local market or ‘cheap’ shop may have found. This highly desirable (ahem) Kajagoogoo mirror!

Kajagoogoo Mirror

Probably taking pride of place in many a teenage bedroom back in 1983, this mirror must be quite possibly the most tacky piece of useless memorabilia we have ever found……which is why we like it!

Not content with just one of these lovelies however, KajaFax are the proud owners of a two more, this time aimed solely at fans of Limahl, rather than the entire Kajagoogoo line-up:

Limahl Promotional Mirror, 1983

Limahl Promotional Mirror (2), 1983

We think that there can’t be too many of these left…..

Do you have anything like this in your collection? If you do, why not tell us about it! Send your pictures and memories into the team at

To finish our Monday update, we have news of yet another live performance.

Limahl2015FestivalLimahl features on the bill of the 80’s Superstar Festival concert to be held at the Energylandia Amusement Park in the town of Zator, Poland. The event starts at approximately 8pm (local time).  For more information, click HERE to be redirected to the official facebook page. Ticket prices start at zł49 and can be purchased HERE.

Thanks for visiting KajaFax and keeping us the #1 Kajagoogoo site on the web!

2015 KajaFax

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  1. Denny permalink
    April 14, 2015 1:04 am

    I have loads and loads of Culture Club and Boy George mirrors but have never seen the Kajagoogoo ones. They are no use as mirrors and look awful as pictures so have no use whatsoever. My sister had one of Simon Le Bon and recently i found one of John Taylor at a car boot sale. Can’t resist them but my oh my are they rubbish. I have a number of bootleg scarves relating to Kajagoogoo too. LOL

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