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KajaHunt 2014 – Day 12 – and site update

December 12, 2014

‘KajaHunt’ Treasure Hunt Competition Day 12


 Day twelve is upon us and with it comes a question about the 1983 White Feathers tour.

Take a look at this vintage poster:

Tour Poster

Kajagoogoo tour poster – May 1983

Taken from the KajaFax collection, this vintage concert poster proudly advertises the appearance of Kajagoogoo ‘plus guests’, and it is those guests that we want to know about!  Here’s the question:

Which Scottish band supported Kajagoogoo for the UK dates on the ‘White Feathers’ tour?

Have a think about that one…..we will be back tomorrow with question 13!

To round things off today, we wanted to bring our new gallery page to your attention. You can access it from the menu bar at the top of the KajaFax homepage. Why not take a peek?

See you again tomorrow.

2014 KajaFax

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