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KajaHunt 2014 – Day Two & Limahl in Denmark Update

December 2, 2014

‘KajaHunt’ Treasure Hunt Competition Day 2


Welcome to the second day of advent, and also to KajaHunt day two.

For our second question, we have compiled a wordsearch puzzle to keep you all busy….we hope that you like it 🙂

The grid below contains the titles of some Kajagoogoo, Limahl, and Nick Beggs songs.  Our question is;

How many song titles can you find hidden in the below grid (and what are they)??


Best of luck!

To round off today’s KajaFax entry, we have an update on last weekend’s live performance in Denmark.

Courtesy of Radio Gazebo in Denmark, here is a photo of Limahl backstage, and also a short video clip!

Image: Courtesy of Radio Gazebo.

Image and video clip: Courtesy of Radio Gazebo.

 We will see you all tomorrow for question 3!

merry christmas from us

2014 KajaFax

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