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KajaFax Announcement: Fake Social Media Accounts

February 10, 2014

Today we have a change to what was the scheduled post.

KajaFax have been contacted by Limahl regarding some fake ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ accounts that profess to be official, and he has asked us to clarify the situation regarding him, the band, and social media accounts.

fake accounts!

Two particular accounts are currently active on the social media sites Twitter and Facebook that we feel should be brought to the attention of all fans.

Neither page is in any way official or affiliated with the band although both imply that they are – in the case of the twitter account actually claiming to be so.

The Twitter account is @KajagoogooKaja and can be viewed HERE .

The ‘Limahl’ Facebook account can be viewed HERE.

KajaFax can confirm following clarification by the band themselves that both accounts are in no way official, and are probably the result of well meaning or over enthusiastic fan(s).

Please be aware that any news published on-line via these unofficial accounts is not necessarily accurate as it is not from an official source.

The only source of official band news is via the official sites of Kajagoogoo, Limahl, Nick Beggs and of course via us here at KajaFax.

Thanks for reading KajaFax and offering your continuing support to Kajagoogoo!

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