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Kajagoogoo Interview – Japan 1984

August 14, 2013


Today, we have something to share with you that should be new to most KajaFax readers.

ID-10083571fftttKajaFax have recently obtained some previously uncirculated interview footage of the band, recorded in Japan at the Tokyo Prince Hotel on July 10th 1984.  In an uncut, open and honest interview, the four remaining Kaja’s talk about their plans for a “postLimahlKajagoogoo.

The interviewer is Osamu Masui with interpretation by Steve Harris, who has kindly provided us with this clip to share with you now.

Steve Harris is an American journalist who has spent the last 30 years living and working in Japan, and was in the 80s and 90s in the privileged position of interviewing anybody who was anybody in the industry at that time,  as he explained to KajaFax:

….I either interpreted for Japanese interviewers at these interviews or conducted the interviews myself. I collected the interviews on cassette tape and had one day hoped to share the archive — so here it is. It is very much a work in progress, so hopefully the number of interviews will continue to grow as I digitize and upload tapes from the vault…..”

Have a passion for the very best in previously unheard, vintage interviews?

There is a Facebook page that is currently in development that users may wish to check out HERE

Why not log into your Facebook account and check out ‘Musicians in Their Own Words’

There is also a brilliant You Tube channel which you can access by clicking the below logo.


Kajafax sends a massive “Thank You” to Steve Harris for kindly sharing this fantastic archival content.  As a double whammy of  prime ‘Goo, Steve tells us that he also has a Limahl interview which he will digitize and make available online very soon.  Keep checking KajaFax for updates as soon as they become available 🙂

For now though, click, sit back, and enjoy 38 minutes of Kajagoogoo in conversation…


Thanks for visiting KajaFax, the premier source of ‘goo on the web!

2013 KajaFax

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