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Kajagoogoo in The Daily Star, January 31st 1983

March 10, 2013

Today’s post is not just about Kajagoogoo but also a bit of a history lesson, as we bring you something that we think is pretty cool and certainly a bit of social history!  We are (as somebody once said) about to take you back in time… 1983….


The Daily Star is a leading British daily tabloid newspaper and back in ’83 was based in Fleet Street, London’s ‘newspaper central’ at that time.


Back in the early 1980’s, there was a feeling amongst some pop stars that the traditional music press were ignoring them or at least not being very open and fair towards their talents.  As a result of this, many pop stars turned to the tabloid press for coverage who, unlike the 1970’s serious ‘rock’ press hacks,  did not seem to be afflicted with such musical snobbery and an instinctive dislike for this new wave of popular musicians.  Stars like Adam Ant and Spandau Ballet leaned very heavily on the tabloids for publicity, with the latter actually banning the likes of Melody Maker and New Musical Express from any of their gigs in favour of the Star and the Sun.  There is nothing unusual about pop stars appearing in the newspaper nowadays (it would have to be said not always for music!), but back in ’83, tabloids had that rare commodity scarcely seen in their modern counterpart… 😉  Pop, when it featured, was all about content and not necessarily scandal.

KajaFax today would like to bring you selected scans from an original copy of The Star from January 31st 1983.  The social history enthusiasts reading this will of course be keen to note the stylistic differences between nowadays and a publication from the early 1980’s, most notably the lack of colour.  This linotype edition pre-dates Eddy Shah and his all colour (and now defunct) Today newspaper which was in 1986 the first computer photoset, full colour daily newspaper. In other words, the bulk of the paper is printed in monochrome.

Only Duran Duran and the Cigarette adverts get the full colour plate treatment here!   

On that note, we bring you the scans.

We hope that you enjoy them and that they really do take you ‘back in time’ to a better place….

***Click on the image to display a full size and fully readable version in your browser***


Top 30 Charts






Woolworth Advert


Has that has given you a taste for all things ’83?

If so, here is another chance for you to watch Limahl on television in the U.K. talking with DJ Pat Sharp about that very year.


Thank you for visiting KajaFax – the premier Kajagoogoo fansite.

2013 KajaFax

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  1. alejandracv94 permalink
    March 10, 2013 7:24 pm

    I do not know, but I never liked the song Electric Avenue :S

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