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Kajagoogoo – Early ‘Melody Maker’ Feature

August 1, 2012

Once again, we bring you the very best in Kajagoogoo magazine features with this great article from early 1983.

Originally printed in Melody Maker, the guys talk to Steve Sutherland about (amongst other things) the band, their record deal with EMI, and the début album, White Feathers.  We have little more to say about the article other than “enjoy the read” – it really is a fascinating interview.

* Back in 1983, Melody Maker was published in a format similar to a modern day tabloid newspaper  – we have tried our best to scan the pages on a standard A4 scanner.  This was quite a tricky task, so please excuse any obvious joins, smears, or other blemishes *

Click on each individual image for a bigger view – these are huge scans so will display in a size big enough to read if the ‘view full size’ option is selected in the WordPress gallery viewer.

Any problems, follow these links:

To revisit our previous feature on journalist Steve Sutherland and his review of an early ‘Goo gig at London’s ‘The Venue’, follow this link:

KajaFax returns in a few days time with an important message….

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  1. August 5, 2012 7:07 pm

    never saw this article back in the day… interests me how the opinions of the reviewers changes as time progresses. The goo were perceived as being a classy outfit but when the teen thing kicked in, all of that seemed to go out of the window.

    Th Bristish press have a lot to answer for!

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