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Kajagoogoo Interview & Flexi Disc – One Two Testing Magazine

June 8, 2012

Today’s feature needs no introduction.

One Two Testing was a fairly short lived rock and pop magazine, and was specifically aimed at the business end of the market.  No questions about Limahl’s hair colour or Nick’s braids to be found here!

Kajagoogoo featured in the November 1983 edition and KajaFax presents these scans of that feature for your enjoyment.

The magazine also came with a fabulous double sided flexi disc, and we have included in this post the content of that flexi disc.

This really is an in-depth interview about what makes each ‘Goo component ‘tick’ and is well worth a read.  We hope that you enjoy it!

For a bigger, more easy to read version than available via the above gallery, click HERE and then on each individual image to enlarge it full screen into your web browser.


Keep checking KajaFax for all the very best in Kajagoogoo content!

We have some exciting new site features to unveil in the next few days…..stay tuned!

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