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Rare Kajagoogoo Japanese ‘Special DJ Copy’ Promo 12” Singles

February 13, 2012

Some of the rarest and most desirable collectibles originate in Japan, the country usually synonymous with the highest of quality in both packaging and audio content.

Today, KajaFax highlights two very rare Japanese releases, both released by EMI-Toshiba for the Japanese DJ market.

Firstly, we feature this rare 1983 Japanese EMI ‘Special DJ Copy’ 2-track promotional-only vinyl 12″ of ‘Hang on Now’, with this particular copy taken straight from the KajaFax archives:

The disc features the Sheena Easton track ‘Telefone’ on the flip side:

and bears the moniker:

“Let’s Dance with Sheena!  Let’s dance with KajaGooGoo!!”

This particular release as well as being scarce, also commands a high price tag – sometimes as high as £50.

Think that’s expensive?  Well, comparatively speaking, no.

In 1984 and also released by EMI-Toshiba, a similar pairing featuring ‘The Lion’s Mouth’ coupled with Duran Duran’s ‘New Moon on Monday’ was issued.  Unfortunately, KajaFax does not own one of these discs, but we do have photos:

This disc would set you back in excess of £100 in mint condition, with a copy recently changing hands over the internet for a cool £175.  Incredible.

Needless to say that we would dearly love one of these discs to add to our archive of all things ‘Goo!

To bring today’s post to a close, here is the video of  Hang on Now, courtesy of EMI Music.


Now…..we go from something originating in 1983, to something about 1983!

Limahl’s brand new single entitled 1983 is currently on release and available from all digital retailers including iTunes:


Six mixes for £2.49 is a great price – why not support Limahl and buy your copy today?

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