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Ellis Beggs and Howard – Promotional Videos (Part Two)

February 5, 2012

As any Kajagoogoo fan will know, Nick’s first major project following Kajagoogoo’s hiatus in the late 1980s was Ellis Beggs and Howard.  The group was active between 1987 and 1990.  During this time, they released one fabulous album, Homelands, from which they lifted three singles, as well as recorded their second formally unreleased long player.

The third single release by Ellis Beggs and Howard was the awesome ‘Where Did Tomorrow Go?

Issued by RCA in November 1988, the track was the last one to be taken from the Homelands album and was issued to coincide with the group’s support slot with then recent chart toppers T’Pau on their UK tour of 1988.

Today, we bring you this great quality upload of the promotional video for the single!

Although RCA re-launched the band in ’89 with a remixed and re-issued version of debut hit ‘Big Bubbles, No Troubles’Where Did Tomorrow Go? was to be the last original single from the band.

They split as the recording of their second album came to an end.

For further reading about the ‘EBH’ project, you may want to re-visit our recent interview with band front-man Austin Howard.

or visit Nick’s site, which has a page dedicated to the project:

Unfortunately, the ‘sleuthing’ department of KajaFax is yet to track down a high quality copy of second single, Bad Times, so instead, we bring you this lower resolution copy courtesy of GimpyDak.

We hope you have enjoyed this feature!

2012 KajaFax

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  1. Lee Halbert permalink
    February 5, 2012 12:35 pm

    I remember struggling to find a copy of Bad Times when it was released. The days before EBay etc, I couldn’t find a copy in the North East and ended up buying one in Peterbrough when I was down visiting my wife to be’s family.

    EBH was a major event for me, I was in touch with Nick prior to the launch of BBNT, he sent me a copy before it was released and I still treasure it. I befriended a music rep from RCA via a record shop, he gave me loads of promo items including a radio that floated in the bath. Wish I still had it, the batteries corroded and it stopped working, shame.

    For me EBH should have been massive, I think they suffered from the music press liking them despite Nick coming from KajaGooGoo. I remember NME voted BBNT as one of their Top 50 singles of the year and still had to mention that they shouldn’t really like it because of Nick’s background. Shame.

    Bad Times? No! Good times!

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