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Limahl January – The Greenhouse Effect

January 5, 2012

Limahl January – The Greenhouse Effect

As all Kajagoogoo fans are aware, Limahl has a new solo single release that will be available from all digital stores on January 10th, and we at KajaFax are extremely excited about it!  ‘Limahl January’ is exactly that…a whole month of KajaFax articles dedicated to Limahl and his career past, present, and future…  

The Greenhouse Effect was a track recorded live in 1983 and included on the first press of Limahl’s debut solo album ‘Don’t Suppose….’, before being replaced on subsequent editions by the massive hit single ‘Never Ending Story’.



Picture disc courtesy of J’nae

KajaFax spoke to Limahl about the track:

“The Greenhouse Effect is basically a song about global warming…I was being socially aware, expressing that awareness through my music….as I remember it was recorded around 1983 and ended up as a b-side bonus track on one of the singles…”

As Limahl points out, the song did indeed find its way onto the B-side of a single release – that single being ‘Tar Beach’:


The Greenhouse Effect
(Music and Lyrics: Limahl)

Better be careful, better beware
High above there’s something in the air
You cannot see it and it doesn’t show
But sooner or later we all will know

Look around you but not too far
It’s not our fault it’s just the way things are
Get the picture I can see it now
The future race wandering how

There’s no pretending no disguise
Let’s face the facts we cannot run and hide
We’re creating problems with the seeds we sow
As the pendulum swings too and fro

Something must happen this is suicide
Is the planets destiny worth the try
And tomorrow when the day is come
We can all look up and still be one

A forgotten gem in Limahl’s back catalogue, The Greenhouse Effect is expected to be included on the Cherry Red re-release of the Don’t Suppose album released later in the year.

For those unfamiliar with the track, KajaFax has exclusively provided this sample for your enjoyment:

So….do you want to know more about the ‘2012’ effect? The terrific new single release by Limahl?  His brand new single, ‘1983’, will be in store on January 10th and deserves to be a smash hit all overEurope.

Please purchase your copy and help make it a huge success.  Remember every sale counts towards that all important chart place!


1983is released by DIG Music and will be available from January 10th.


2012 KajaFax

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  1. Loz Redford permalink
    January 21, 2015 11:16 pm

    Does anyone happen to know where the song was recorded and when?

    • January 22, 2015 5:27 pm

      Sorry Loz, I can’t really help. Limahl did once tell me that its not actually a live recording – just a studio recording made to appear ‘live’. Other than that, I can’t be of much help. The album was recorded between the September of 1983 and February of ’84, but I can’t be any more specific than that I’m afraid.

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