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Radio Creme Brulee DDH

July 17, 2011

Radio Creme Brulee DDH

Just when we thought everything had gone fully quiet with the single release of ‘Death Defying Headlines’, we had contact from a radio station in the US called ‘Radio Creme Brulee’.

We wanted to let everyone know about this as it’s just a great advert for all things ‘Goo’.

RCB broadcasts to a large catchment area in the US and each week they have a listener ratings chart.  This chart gets a huge amount of votes and so any appearance in this top 20 is really good.  DDH hit the playlist, we entered the chart at #17


That was great to see and subsequently, RCB enjoyed the track so much, it inspired them to write an article and investigate further:

It’s a really interesting article to us as it confirms two key facts.  Firstly, many people think their is nothing beyond ‘Too Shy’.  Secondly, when people do look further they see so much more.

The article shows that ‘Hang on Now’ shone out to RCB as a fantastic track and it certainly is that.  In fact it’s made such an impression on Pranav from the station that he estimates he’s played it more than 300 times since hearing it!!

From listening to the EP, he also adds that there is a good chance that ‘Dreaming of the Same Thing’ will be added to the playlist there which is brilliant.

For us it’s just really exciting to hear that popular radio stations are giving airtime to the music and enjoying it.  That’s all we can ask for!

Many thanks to Pranav at Radio Creme Brulee for his Goo support!

2011 KajaFax

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  1. July 17, 2011 1:19 pm

    A very good web radio, I know since one year, very great.
    Thaks for your website also and soon, JPaul from France blog: day by day kim wilde

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