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Death Defying Headlines Promo Diary 19

June 2, 2011

Death Defying Headlines Promo Diary 19

Here is the latest update in the promo diary for the new single, ‘Death Defying Headlines’.


Steve Conley interviewed live on air with Ian Timms from BBC Radio Cumbria.  His first ever radio interview, Steve confirmed it as nerve wracking but a lot of fun!

Listen to the show here, move the slider to 1hr41mins:

Or watch the YouTube video of the interview:


KajaFax featured in a story yesterday in the Wigan Evening Post.

Read that story here:


Steve Conley interviewed for Wish FM for a piece on their news bulletins which ran throughout the day.


“I will gladly air it on our station!”
Chris Games
General Manager
Hot 100 Radio

KajaFax would like to extend our sincerest thanks to DJ Marty Dee Donovan who came good for us once again today by recording the Wish FM feature at very short notice.   He’s been a keen supporter of KajaFax and the single and we’ll certainly continue to follow his broadcasts keenly after all this has finished.

You can find his personal website at:

And you can also follow him on twitter @DJMartyDee

So we’re in June now, only 10 days away from the actual release of the single.  Please please please please pre-order the track and help us make this quest a success!!


You can currently pre-order the single from HMV and 7digital, it’s a mere 79p:



If the dance mix is more your thing (and it is fantastic), you can also download that and they both count towards a chart position:



It’s a really quick and easy process to pre-order the track, 7digital even take PayPal in their payment options!

You can pre-order from iTunes but they only allow this for the full EP.  Therefore if you wish to pre-order either full EP from iTunes, you can do this here:

If you are an iTunes user but only wish to purchase the single, please wait until June 12th where it is officially released and you will be able to buy this as one track.

Death Defying Headlines is released on Red Dot Music.


2011 KajaFax

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