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KajaGooGoo Promo Album CDs

May 10, 2011

Mention the word ‘Promo’ and the ears of any music collector are bound to prick up and listen.

Some promo items are more common than others, some promo items are really quite scarce.  It could be argued that a big successful promotional campaign would lead to more promo items being in existance!

I’d never seen these before until now so was equally happy and surprised when fan ‘Dave Kilburn’ got in touch to share a couple of his promo CDs.  These really are quite special!

First up is the EMI promo CD for the ‘Islands’ album:



And next up is the EMI promo CD for ‘Crazy People’s Right to Speak’:



These discs really are fantastic, real ‘Goo history!

There are promo CDs out there for White Feathers but sadly Dave does not have one of these to complete his collection.

If anyone has a spare White Feathers promo CD to match the two above that they no longer require, if you’d consider passing this onto Dave, drop us a line and we’ll fix that up and complete the jigsaw puzzle!

Many thanks to Dave for sending these in.

2011 KajaFax

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